Resolutions by 8th CD – 2013

Protecting the Environment and Community Ownership of Resources

Door County (85 words)

Whereas, everyone should be entitled to clean and safe water to drink and air to breathe, and

Whereas, the resources of air and water and land are not infinitely renewable, and

Whereas, protective enforcement of environmental regulations has been lax, and

Whereas, community ownership of sustainable, green energy alternatives supports acceptance of them,

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin supports funding for enforcement of regulations designed to ensuring clean air and water, sustainability of these resources and local control of green energy alternatives.

Gun Control

Kewaunee County (91 words)

Whereas, gun violence continues to be a national occurrence that annually causes injury and death to thousands of citizens through individual and mass shootings, and

Whereas, easy access to assault weapons, hand guns and large capacity magazines promote gun violence and threaten public safety, and

Whereas, a lack of an effective background check increase the potential for gun violence,

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin supports control of access to assault weapons, hand guns and large capacity magazines and further supports an effective national background check for those purchasing guns.


Promoting freedom of choice

Door County (79 words)

Whereas, social issues that invade the private lives of individuals have no place in the political arena, and

Whereas, a woman should have universal access to health care options affecting her future, and

Whereas, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin strives to eliminate discrimination in all its forms and contexts, and

THEREFORE, RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin supports the right of women to make their own health care decisions and the right of everyone to full contraceptive information.


Mental Health Care

Waupaca County (74 words)

Whereas, limited availability of quality, affordable mental health care in the United States results in countless people in need of such service being denied access to a full course of treatment;

Whereas, this lack of critical assistance wastes much human potential, and occasionally leads to incidents of mass violence;

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the DPW recommends focusing government and health care institutions on identification, intervention and full treatment for those people struggling with mental health issues.


We the People Demand the Wisconsin Health Insurance Marketplace

Outagamie County (96 words)

Whereas, securing and protecting our fundamental human freedom to choose our own doctors, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals who are willing to accept the terms and conditions of our insurance coverage; and

Whereas, demand a guarantee that all prices for all healthcare products and services offered for sale to the public must always be openly disclosed, including on the internet, guaranteeing the lowest accepted as payment in full for services is always transparent;

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, let’s finish what we started together and guarantee every patient, rich or poor, receives the best care at the best possible price.


Social Security Tax

Kewaunee County (99 words)

Whereas, the contribution of tax to Social Security ceases once $113,700 of income per calendar year is reached, and

Whereas, contributions historically based on a set income have not taken into account inflation or the increase in life expectancy, and

Whereas, the generation currently utilizing Social Security have paved the way for us and this County,

Therefore, resolved, the DPW must support implementing Social Security tax on all earned income.

FURTHER, RESOLVED, the DPW should state openly and proudly the obligation to support those who paved the way for us in this County, making it what it is today.


U.S. Postal Service

Brown County and Winnebago County (97 Words)

Whereas, the Postal Accountability Board and Enhancement Act of 2006 requires the USPS to prefund it’s retiree’s pension plan for 75 years to be paid within 10 years at 5.5 Billion dollars annually, and

Whereas, the USPS has to close neighborhood Post Offices, shorten hours and window service hours at others and closing 71 mail processing plants in the next year and reducing mail service and delivery standards to pay the debt.

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the DPW encourages our members of the US Congress to co-sponsor and support the Postal Service Protection Act (H.R. 630 and S.B. 316)


Mining Bill

Brown County (79 words)

Whereas, the Mining Bill recently passed by the Wisconsin Legislature fails to protect Wisconsin jobs, local government interests, the environment and ignores the sovereignty of our Native American brothers and sisters; and

Whereas, the bill was passed with votes of legislatures who voted against their constituents wishes;

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the DPW opposes this legislation and any startup construction until it is amended to include the interests of all affected by the building of any mine in this state.


Unions: Public and Private

Shawano County (97 words)

Whereas, the right to form unions is a right recognized by the United Nations, many governments, many churches, religious organizations and clergy, and

Whereas, a union is the only way to achieve equal bargaining power between employers and employees, and

Whereas, the Republican Party has blatantly tried to suppress unions,

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party make reinstating public employee unions and strengthening private employer unions a high priority in the Nation and the State of Wisconsin, and make it effectively known that decimating unions and making them less effective is destroying a fundamental right of workers.


Preserving Voting Rights

Winnebago County (93 words)

Whereas, voting is a fundamental citizen right guaranteed by U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions, that must be protected, and

Whereas, Wisconsin election laws must assure citizens the maximum opportunity for registration, voting at the polls, and absentee voting, and

Whereas, it is necessary to protect the right to vote from the relentless, shameful attacks on voting rights by Republicans intending to erode voting rights by various voter suppression methods, including photo ID requirements,

THEREFORE, RESOLVED that we aggressively resist attempts at suppressing the vote and uphold and preserve the strongest possible voting rights laws.

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