The following summarizes Tammy Baldwin’s positions on key issues.  For each issue there is a link to her explanation of why she thinks and acts the way she does.

Economic Security

  • Wisconsin’s middle class is her top priority.

  • Lead sponsor of the Buffett Rule

  • Voted no on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act.

  • Fought unfair trade deals

  • Holds a strong commitment to innovation, research and development.

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Fiscal Responsibility

  • Committed to a balanced approach, with responsibility and fairness.

  • Voted against tax cuts for overseas operations of U.S. companies.

  • Opposes deficit reduction burden put solely on lower-income / middle class families and seniors.

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Investing in Our Future

  • Investing in education is a top priority.

  • Fighting to make higher education more affordable.

  • Working to prevent doubling of student loan interest rates.

  • Strong advocate of investment in the foundation of innovation — education, research and technology.

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Affordable Health Care

  • Helped pass the Affordable Care Act.

  • An author of the amendment allowing parent’s insurance to cover their young adult children.

  • Will fight to protect the gains we have made for the people of Wisconsin

  • Has twice personally experienced insurance denial  – first not fitting definition of “dependent” and again, upon recovery, as having a “preexisting condition”

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Fairness and Equality

    • Wisconsin’s first woman elected to the U.S. House and first openly gay non incumbent elected to Congress.

    • Introduced the Respect for Marriage Act repealing DOMA.

    • Lead sponsor of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,”

    • Strong supporter of the 2007 Hate Crimes Act.

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Reducing Gun Violence

    • Voted for a ban on high capacity magazines.
    • Voted for a ban on assault weapons.
    • Voted for expanding background checks to include gun shows and the internet.
    • Voted for making gun trafficking rules more stringent.
    • Voted against imposing a penalty on state and local governments that release certain information regarding guns.

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updated 25 May 13
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  1. We are your constituents and are vehemently opposed to the direction of this new administration. We recently moved here from VT and want to know how we can support you. The WI GOP is clear they want to defeat you in 2018. Help us help you

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