The following summarizes Ron Johnson’s positions on key issues.  For each issue there is a link to his explanation of why he thinks and acts the way he does.  Please note that most of his statistical claims have been proven false over time or otherwise found to have no merit

Fiscal Responsibility

    • Favors elimination of Federal estate tax.

    • Opposes any Federal effort to stimulate and improve the economy, e.g. the 2009 Stimulus Bill that saved over 3 million jobs and pulled the US out of the Great Recession.

    • Opposed the Wall Street bailout, but has offered no policy for inevitable cascading bank failures.

    • Believes reducing the federal debt can be achieved only through reduction in the Federal government.

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Investing in Our Future

    • His attitude on spending indicates opposition to any investment in innovation, i.e., education, research and technology.

    • Opposes federal education standards and testing requirements for K-12 students.

    • Favors elimination of federal education programs and returning all control to the local level.

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Public Well-being

    • Wants to relax or remove regulations that protect the public from harmful products, financial market manipulation, etc.

    • Opposes enacting environmental regulations (such as Cap and Trade) aimed at reducing the leffects of climate change.

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Affordable Health Care

    • Voted to repeal Obama Care.

    • Opposes a publicly-administered health insurance option.

    • Wants to rescind $523 billion reduction in Medicare waste, fraud and abuse passed by Congress in 2009.

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Reducing Gun Violence

    • Voted against a ban on high capacity magazines.

    • Voted against a ban on assault weapons.

    • Voted against expanding background checks to gun shows and the internet.

    • Voted against making gun trafficking rules more stringent.

    • Voted to impose a penalty on state and local governments that release certain information regarding guns.

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issued 29 May 13

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