This page has links to information about each current legislator who represent interests of Door and Kewaunee County citizens in the halls of State and Federal government.


Wisconsin Governor

Scott Walker (R)



U.S. Senate

Ron Johnson (R)

  • associated with the Tea Party movement; first elected in 2010; up for election in 2022.
  • strongly conservative on economic & social policies; rates “A” with NRA;
  • opposes gay rights, economic stimulus & Planned Parenthood; rates “F with NEA
  • the stunning frequency he proves himself to be utterly misinformed inspired a One Wisconsin Now Project
  • websiteinterest group ratingsissue positions, Wikipedia, $upporters, Johnson Watch, DoorDems page
  • Contact Senator Johnson at:
    • Local office (Oshkosh) phone: (920) 230-7250
    • Local office (Milwaukee) phone: (414) 276-7282
    • Congressional phone: (202) 224-5323
    • webmail: on-line email form
    • Staff email (*info from 2015 and may be out-of-date)
      • Chief of Staff: Tony Blando, tony_blando@ronjohnson.senate.gov
      • Scheduler: Jennifer O’Neil, jennifer_oneil@ronjohnson.senate.gov
      • Higher Education: Joe Murray*, joe_murray@ronjohnson.senate.gov
      • Press: Melinda Schnell*, melinda_schnell@ronjohnson.senate.gov
      • Legislative Director: Lydia Westlake*, lydia_westlake@ronjohnson.senate.gov
      • State Scheduler: Theresa Mergener*, theresa_mergener@ronjohnson.senate.gov

Tammy Baldwin (D)

  • elected in 2012, formally U.S. Representative for WI 2nd congressional district, up for election in 2018
  • progressive, champion for civil and women’s rights, rates zero with NRA
  • supportive of environmental, health care, children and elderly issues; rates “A with NEA
  • websiteinterest group ratingsissue positions, WikipediaDoorDems page
  • Contact Senator Baldwin at:
    • Local office (Green Bay) phone: (920) 498-2668
    • Local office (Milwaukee) phone: (414) 297-4451
    • Local office (Madison) phone: (608) 264-5338
    • Congressional phone: (202) 224-5323
    • webmail: on-line email form


U.S. Congressional District #8

Mike Gallagher (R)

  • served seven years of active duty in the Marine Corps working in counterintelligence
  • first elected in 2016 replacing retiring Reid Ribble (R), up for election in 2018
  • support balance budget, cutting regulations, congressional term limits & salary freeze, 2nd Amendment
  • opposes sensible gun controls, regulation of greenhouse gases, women’s reproductive rights
  • NOT the radio talk show host of the same name
  • campaign website, interest group ratings, BallotPedia, issue positions, Wikipedia, $upporters, campaign Facebook
  • Contact Rep. Gallagher at:
    • District office phone: 920-380-0061
    • Congressional phone: 202-225-5665
    • webmail: on-line email form


Wisconsin Senatorial District #1

Frank Lasee (R)

  • first elected in 2010 replacing his cousin Alan Lasee; re-elected in 2014; current term ends in 2018.
  • moderately conservative in the Assembly, strongly conservative as a Senator.
  • proposed to allow public school teachers to carry guns; rates “A” with NRA.
  • opposed gay rights, affirmative action, abortions (except when woman’s life is endangered.
  • wants to cut state funding to UW Law School, because lawyers are a “plague of locusts” and we have too many.
  • campaign website, Wikipedia, interest group ratings, issue positions, BallotPedia, $upporters
  • Contact Senator Lasee at:



Wisconsin Assembly District #1

Joel Kitchens (R) (Incumbent)


updated 02/09/2017
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