Thomas Paine Dinner – June 4 – SAVE THE DATE

Now a Tradition – 5th Annual Thomas Paine Dinner

Featured Speaker: Professor Harvey Kane, noted American Historian and author, returns to speak on his new book The Fight for Four Freedoms.  He gave the inaugural Thomas Paine address to rave reviews in 2010.  

Where: The Door County Fire Company (former Ladder House), elevator-accessible upper level, 38 South Third Avenue, Sturgeon Bay

When: Wednesday June 4. Social hour at 5:30, dinner at 6:30 (gluten-free selections available).

Price: $27.50 for reservations accompanied by check up to May 28th, sent to:

DPDC, PO Box 863, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Early reservations are recommended as seating is limited.

After May 28th, the price is $30 paid at the door.

Bonus: Copies of The Fight for the Four Freedoms autographed by Professor Kaye will be available for $20 (savings of $8.95 from retail).

Questions: Contact Naomi at or 920-839-2444.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”This simple quotation from Thomas Paine’s The American Crisis not only describes the beginnings of the American Revolution but inspired passion as he communicated the ideas of the Revolution to common farmers as easily as to intellectuals. His prose stirred the hearts of the fledgling United States and is honored annually by the Democratic Party of Door County.

Candidate Burke Speaks to Overflow Crowd

Mary Burke, Democratic candidate for Governor, spoke to a standing room gathering at the Sturgeon Bay Library (lower level) Thursday January 23rd.  Her prepared remarks, covering the economy, jobs, education, health care and more, preceded a lengthy and lively question and answer period.  A most memorable quote was “There are now 80,000 fewer jobs in Wisconsin than when I was Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.”

Mary Burke speaking to a full house

Mary Burke speaking to a full house

[This is a 160 degree panoramic photo; that is,as the picture is recorded, the photographer rotates slowly, causing the peculiar distortion.  Mary Burke is speaking on the far left.  Contrary to the illusion, people on the far right are actually facing in the same direction as those near the speaker]

For more information about Mary Burke’s candidacy go to her campaign website.

Gary Bies to Retire, But Isn’t It Time …

Garey Bies will retire this year, but unfortunately the damage he has done remains.

Isn’t it time for a candidate who….

1)  rejects the job-killing legislation enacted by Walker/Bies and their cohorts?
2)  believes citizens should control their local governments, not fat-cat lobbyists from Madison and out-of state?
3)  believes women shouldn’t have to argue with a pharmacist to get a prescription filled?
4)  has a solution for our state health insurance crisis?
5)  who is looking out for the future of their constituents instead of the future of his own retirement funds?
Isn’t it time for a Democrat to represent Wisconsin’s First District?



Favorite Don’t Miss Mary Burke at January Membership Meeting

Mary Burke, the only currently declared Democratic candidate for Governor will be the speaker at the January 23rd DPDC membership meeting.Mary Burke

As director of strategic planning at Trek Bicycle, started by her father, she built Trek into a company with nearly 1,000 employees, a payroll of $50 million, and annual purchasing over $40 million in goods and services from other Wisconsin companies.

Ms. Burke served as Secretary of the WI Dep’t of Commerce in the Doyle administration, attracting new business to Wisconsin and helping small businesses start and grow. Her efforts led to 84,000 more Wisconsin jobs than there are today.

She has a strong commitment to education,
founding a public-private partnership between the
schools and community to help close the achievement gap. The program resulted in 80% of participants attending 2 or 4 year colleges. Inspired by the success of the program, she ran for and won a seat on the Madison School Board.

All are invited to hear her vision for Wisconsin as she strives to bring jobs and opportunity to Wisconsin families. The meeting is Thursday, January 23rd from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Sturgeon Bay Library, lower level. A brief membership meeting will follow Ms. Burke’s presentation.

ancient parable

Once a scorpion asked a coyote to take him across a fast-flowing river.  The coyote at first refused.  “You will sting me and I will die.”

The scorpion denied this.  “If you were to die then I will drown.  I promise all will go well.”  So the coyote allowed the scorpion to stand on his head as he braved the waters.

So what happened? …  The scorpion stung the coyote who protested. “You gave your word!  Now we will both die. Why have you stung me?”

And the scorpion’s reply?  “Because, it is in my nature.”

(A modern parallel?  “Sequester”)

Favorite Come Hear State Senator Kathleen Vinehout Speak Out Dec 7


Kathleen is a brilliant and fiery orator.  She is an articulate proponent of progressive politics and common sense.  What fun!  Enjoy listening to Kathleen while sampling a piece or two or four from a huge assortment of pies.  Al-a-mode is optional.

Elegant pies from premier Door County Bakeries will go home with the lucky winners of bag raffles.

Come one, come all to the Door Dems 8th Annual Pie Party at the Bertschinger Community Center (7860 Hwy 42), Egg Harbor on Saturday, December 7th, 3:00 – 5:00 PM. Admission is $10/ person ($25/family of 3 or more) and a pie per family.

Kathleen Vinhout is rumored as a Wisconsin Governor candidate for the Democratic Party.   We may will learn more at the Door Dems 8th Annual Pie Party.

Veeser Critiques Governor’s Budget

What’s wrong with the governor’s budget?

That question is answered by Pat Veeser in a new page of our Op/Ed section.  He expounds upon the following criticisms:

  • Rejection of 4.4 billion federal dollars to expand Badger Care.
  • Cutting funding for public schools by $1.6 billion.
  • Adding $8 million more to the disgraced Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.
  • Budget cuts that provide NO benefit to low-income earners.

click to read the whole article

Price Paid by NRA for Senator’s Votes

A minority of  U.S. Senators (45) voted to block gun reform desired by 90% of Americans. The table below shows how much money the top sixteen (16) Senators received from the NRA in exchange for their vote against common sense reforms that would have prevented gun violence and saved lives.

      • SEN. ROY BLUNT (MO) ………….. $1,608,517
      • SEN. ROB PORTMAN (OH) …….. $1,314,279
      • SEN. RON JOHNSON (WI) ……… $1,178,892
      • SEN. RICHARD BURR (NC) ………. $896,101
      • SEN. JOHN THUNE (SD) ……………. $732,755
      • SEN. SAXBY CHAMBLISS (GA) …. $395,776
      • SEN. JEFF FLAKE (AR) ………………. $362,616
      • SEN. LISA MURKOWSKI (AK) …….. $244,353
      • SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY (IA) ……. $163,142
      • SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (KY) … $162,545
      • SEN. ORIN HATCH (UT) …………….. $139,142
      • SEN. JOHNNY ISAKSON (GA) ……… $96,853
      • SEN. JOHN BOOZMAN (AR) ………… $85,358
      • SEN. ROGER WICKER (MS) ………… $84,813
      • SEN. TED CRUZ (TX) …………………… $79,329
      • SEN. BOB CORKER (TN) ……………… $69,782

Twenty-five other Senators received donations of between $2,000 and $47,078 each.  Interestingly, the NRA got four (4) votes for free.


Speakers: John Nichols and Mike Tate

Thomas Paine “Common Sense” Dinner and “Gray Donkey” Silent Auction returns to Bjorklunden

This evening of fun and fellowship, honoring Revolutionary Era progressive, Thomas Paine commences at 5:30 pm Social Hour, cash bar and Silent Auction, 6:30 Buffet Dinner, followed by guest speakers and ending with high bidders collecting their bargains.

John Nichols, well-known progressive commentator and author, will offer insights into the current political scene.  Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, will also attend and speak.

Reservations are required.  Check official announcement for complete details.

Call for Issues and Program Activists

Issues and Program Committee Recruitment: 

Wayne Kudick, Chair of the DPDC Issues and Program Committee, invites Democrats to join the committee in evaluating “issues” that might be appropriate for action by the Door Dems.  Some examples from an endless list are:

    • expansion of school vouchers,
    • expansion of “Family Care” for N.E. Wisconsin,
    • Corporate Farm waste management.

The goal is to prepare us to influence political decision-making, and help define Democratic “platform planks”and future candidates’ positions.  We could do this largely via email.

Interested? Call Wayne at 868-2262 or email at


Call it a classic boondoggle, a catch 22, or a legal conundrum – it is an outrage.  It happened at Wisconsin’s highest legal level and now YOU are the only ones that can do anything about it.  It happened like this:

  • Elected official is accused of violating the law.
  • Investigators concurred and filed a complaint to a jury panel for disposition.
  • Accused convinces some of the witnesses to recuse themselves.
  • Witnesses are also prospective jury members
  • Jury is now without a quorum and does not act.
  • There is no official higher authority to hear the case.
  • Accused is not required to officially answer the allegations nor refute them.
  • Was justice circumvented?  Who knows. We can only suspect.

The story continues here.

“Freedom of Religion” NOT in US Constitution

Democracy 101 – Lesson  #1

TRUE.  The phrase “freedom of religion” is not found in the Constitution of the United States.  For that matter, neither is the phrase “freedom from religion”.  What is in our Constitution is precisely this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free expression thereof”  This is in Article I of the Bill of Rights, otherwise know as Amendment 1 to the Constitution.

“Prohibiting” is the “freedom of” part.  It means that you can practice your religion as you see fit, providing, of course, you do not violate this or any other part of the Constitution while doing so (such as the “respecting” part). “Respecting” is the “freedom from” part.  It means that you cannot use legislation to impose your religious beliefs upon others.  Legal challenges to laws prohibiting abortion, for example, will cite Article I of the Bill of Rights