Door County Democrats, Clinton Kaine yard sign

Our August 25th meeting format is a little different. Please come to the Democratic Party office and pick up yard signs that evening and meet Nick Paul, our Coordinated Campaign Organizer.

Our goal is to get the county blanketed with Democratic Party signs.  We will have as RUSS yard signmany as possible there for you to use and share with your friends and neighbors. Let’s make this a priority for August.

We want to build our presence, this is how you can help. See you on August 25 starting at 4:00.


Status Quo Has Got To Go: Sturgeon Bay Canvass

It’s a STURGEON BAY BLITZ for Lynn Utesch, Democratic candidate for the 1st Assembly

Lynn UteschTuesday, August 23, 5:00-7:30, and Saturday, the 27th , 10:00- 2:00, working with the Coordinated Campaign, we are going to blitz Sturgeon Bay for Lynn Utesch .  We will be going door to door with Lynn’s  literature and the Coordinated Campaign slate card.  We will be targeting people who lean Democratic but may need a boost to ensure 1) that they vote and 2) that they vote for all 4 candidates not just the top 2. 

We can use all the help we can get!  Please try to be on time for a little rah, rah and training. We will go out from the office at 7 South 2nd Ave. (corner of Michigan and 2nd, lower level, in back).

You can also help promote this activity; Invite your Friends on Facebook/DoorDems

Tuesdays & Thursdays with Nick

You can come to the DPDC office almost any weekday (after 10am) to meet Nick, but he has something special scheduled for Volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm:

TUESDAYs are Phone Bank nights. Nick has calling lists and sample scripts.

THURSDAYs are Canvasing nights. Nick will provide walking maps, etc.

Don’t put it off. BE A VOLUNTEER NOW. In Nick’s words: “As Democrats, we all understand the stakes in this election. That’s why I moved 1,200 miles across the country. There is no more time to wait. The least any of us can do is give an hour or two of our time making phone calls or knocking on doors on a weekly basis in the 86 days we have left to us to make sure Donald Trump never becomes president. Nobody wants to be asked years from now what they did to stop that from happening and be forced to say that they were too busy to do their part.

ABOUT NICK: Nick Paul is community organizer, student of political science and economics, little league baseball coach, and certified hike-aholic from Concord, New Hampshire. He has worked for or with organizations including NH Child & Family Services, NextGen Climate, and RESULTS. Now he is working for the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign in support of Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Tom Nelson and Lynn Utesch for Door and Kewaunee counties.


and for the Coordinated Campaign

Margaret Lockwood and Allin Walker have provided a great meeting/office DPDC Officespace in the lower level of the recently opened


at 7 Second Ave, Sturgeon Bay. Entry is from Michigan St. at the rear. The office features a blackboard wall, men’s & women’s restrooms, and Wi-Fi internet access.

DPDC is also sharing our office with the DPW sponsored Coordinated Campaign working to elect Hillary, Russ, Tom and Lynn.

Stop by almost any weekday after 10am to meet local organizer Nick Paul.


It’s picnic time, the Door Dems Annual Picnic that is.

A great time to greet your old progressive friends and meet new ones. This year we are adding live music for the social hour. If it pleases you, park rules permit you to bring your own beer or wine.

The date is July 14th, a Thursday.  The place is the same as last year.

Pavilion at Sawyer ParkGather at The Pavilion at Sawyer Park. Social Hour and music begins at 4:00 pm.  Serving starts at 5:00. Each family brings a dish. Dems provide burgers, dogs, etc. Reservations required by July 10.

Keynote speaker is Tom Nelson.

Tom NelsTom Nelson, candidate for Congresson is the lone Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District to replace  retiring (R) Reid Ribble. Currently, Tom is Outagamie County Executive having taken office in April of 2011.  Prior to that he was an Assemblyman representing the 5th Assembly District (northwest Outagami County and the Town of Maple Grove)

For Ticketing, Menus and all the Details – Click the Blue Button



COME ONE – COME ALL to a premier DOOR DEMS event

WHAT: The 7th Annual Thomas Paine dinner

WHEN: Saturday May 7, 2016. Social hour 6:30 PM, dinner 7:00 PM (gluten – free selections available..

WHERE: Door County Fire Company, 38 South 3rd Ave., accessible upper level.

ADMISSION: $30 per person, advance reservations required (May 4th deadline)

THE EVENT: honoring Thomas Paine, Revolutionary era progressive, author of “Common Sense” and and other essays that brought the concepts of independence to the populace.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: It is fitting to have State Senator Kathleen Vinehout, a true progressive. She is dynamic and persuasive, in the spirit of Thomas Paine, regularly receiving standing ovations. Come and hear the latest from her.

Senator Vinehout, elected to the WI senate in 2006, and re-elected in 2012, has held a variety of responsible positions in the Senate, and publishes a frequent newsletter that illuminates common sense concerns about the shenanigans of the state legislature and administration.

Holder of a doctoral degree in Health Services Administration, Senator Vinehout held senior faculty positions at the kathleen VUniversity of Illinois, Springfield, for 10 years. Returning to WI, she took over management of her family dairy farm. She and her husband also operate a 223 acre organic farm.

RESERVATIONS: Your choice – online or by mail.
By mail, send a check by Friday, April 29 to:
Democratic Party of Door County
PO Box 863
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Onlineclick here, then fill in the blanks (a small service charge applies)
At-the-door, a few tickets may be available after May 2nd for $35, but availability of a meal cannot be guaranteed. Please  reserve in advance, prior to May 2nd.

SPONSORS: We hope that some of our supporters will make this event a financial success by becoming SPONSORS for a $50 donation (in addition to ticket purchase), or even more generous HOSTS for a $100 donation. Sponsors and Hosts will be gratefully acknowledged.

QUESTIONS: Bill Perloff, wperloff@me.com, 920-839-9282.

Wisconsin Citizens Act to Protect Our Waters

“Environmental laws don’t enforce themselves and the environment doesn’t have a voice unless we speak up for it,” stated Arlen Christenson, Co-Founder of MEA.

On October 20, 2015, 16 citizens from across the state filed a Petition for Corrective Action with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to request action to bring Wisconsin into compliance with the Clean Water Act. Once a leader in conservation and protection of our natural resources, Wisconsin now may need to turn over authority to administer the Clean Water Act to the federal government. Our current executive and legislative branches have failed to provide the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources the authority and resources to protect both surface and groundwater. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has also reduced the DNR’s authority and taken away citizen rights granted in the Clean Water Act.

Clean Water Action Council President and Petitioner Dean Hoegger speaks at the press conference announcing CWA Petition to the EPA. Photo by Brenda Staudenmaier.

Clean Water Action Council President and Petitioner Dean Hoegger speaks at the press conference announcing CWA Petition to the EPA.
Photo by Brenda Staudenmaier.

The petition was filed by Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA), a non-profit law firm with a commitment to protect the health and wealth of the state’s water resources. MEA describes the petition as a document that outlines the ways in which Wisconsin is out of compliance with the Clean Water Act through a “demonstrated lack of clear or effective implementation of the law, adequate enforcement, or proper legal authority.”

Petitioners in another recent action, the Safe Drinking Water Act Petition to the EPA (see Legal Actions CWAC Winter 2014-2015 Newsletter: http://www.cleanwateractioncouncil.org/newsletter/), filed with the EPA in October of 2014, and their participation in workgroups formed by the DNR to address those issues, confirm the following findings by MEA:

  • Action of Wisconsin elected officials and the courts has left the DNR without the clear authority it needs to issue water pollution permits in a way that fully satisfies Clean Water Act requirements.
  • The DNR is not adequately responding to known statutory and regulatory omissions and deficiencies that Wisconsin must resolve in order to meet minimum requirements of the Clean Water Act.
  • The DNR’s program doesn’t include limits in water pollution permits that are protective enough of water quality.

In 2011, the EPA informed the DNR that the state was not in compliance with 75 aspects of the Clean Water Act. While the DNR claims that about half of those non-compliance issues have been corrected, residents most affected with this lack of compliance have contested these claims. This petition asks the EPA to work with the DNR to set enforceable timelines for corrective action on these deficiencies. If Wisconsin is not able to correct these deficiencies, the petition asks the EPA to take back authority to administer the Act.

In order to be in compliance, it appears that legislative action will be required, since many of the changes in rule making and enforcement authority of the DNR to protect our water, will require action by our legislators. “The Governor and state legislature have starved the DNR’s power and robbed the agency’s experienced staff of professional autonomy to make informed decisions,” said MEA’s Executive Director Kimberlee Wright. “Today, this drastically narrowed authority of DNR staff to make critical decisions about protecting our water requires urgent action by the EPA. Without effective government, we are compounding what our children and grandchildren will face in a world increasingly short of drinking water.”

Will the current state leaders be up to the task of placing the goal of protecting our water resources over supporting monetary gain by a few individuals and corporations? Or, will voters need to cast their votes in future elections for individuals who will protect our precious water resources?



Nov & Dec Meeting Dates Revised

Holiday events are impacting our meeting dates. For example, both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve fall on the fourth Thursday of the month (our traditional general meeting date).  General Meeting date for NOVEMBER is tentatively MONDAY the 23rd.   The  DECEMBER General Meeting is set for THURSDAY the 17th.

Also, the  Exec. Board will meet on TUESDAY 8 DECEMBER instead of Thursday the 10th.

Program for Monday 23 November General Meeting:

(Program content currently is not confirmed. Therefore, we will cancel this meeting if arrangements are not finalized in time.)

Program for Thursday 17 December General Meeting:

  • Talk by representative of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign
  • Presentation by Charolette Baierl: “How to Build an Engaged DPDC Community Network” the process of Party Growth and Implementing Communication Strategies using social media, event planning, candidate development and voter registration.


DPDC Supports Waterfront Lawsuit

Sturgeon Bay Waterfront

Sturgeon Bay Waterfront

Garret Cohn chairman of the Democratic Party of Door County announced today endorsement of The Friends of Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront and its lawsuit.

“Our government must serve the common good and there is no better definition of public good than the protection of the waterfront of Door County and Sturgeon Bay.
“This stand on the waterfront issue can make changes in the ways we think about our city and how our city reacts to us, its voters.” Cohn concluded.