Liberals, Take Back the Flag!

(This article so impressed Jim & Pat McGrain they immediately went out, bought a flag and mounted at their mailbox.  They encourage every Democrat to make a statement by showing the Flag.)

By Thomas Magstadt

Every election flags come out on houses with yard signs supporting conservative causes and candidates. This year is no exception.

The closer we get to election day, the more flags come out. Right on cue, Romney- Ryan signs spring up like poison mushrooms in Republican neighborhoods – the same tree-lined streets where the family sedan or SUV in the driveway will sport a “support our troops” decal in the rear window or a patriotic bumper sticker.

The conservatives can have their decals and bumper stickers, but they can’t have the stars and stripes. The flag belongs to all of us.

This time around, let’s start fixing the political system by challenging the Republican propaganda offensive. How? What can anybody do? What everybody can do but most liberals are not in the habit of doing – show the flag.

No matter how this election turns out, let’s promise to do one thing that costs little or nothing and requires a minimum of effort. Let’s take back the flag.

If you are liberal and your neighbors know it, show the flag.

If you are sick of conservatives claiming to be better Americans even as they continue to support a party that has clearly lost its way and is ruining the country, show the flag.

If you believe that it’s wrong to send young men and women to fight and die in ill- conceived and unwinnable wars, show the flag.

If you think it’s wrong to cut Social Security, Medicare, and funding for biomedical research and public education while pouring trillions of dollars into military facilities and weapons we don’t need, and military adventures we can’t afford, show the flag.

If you want to shorten campaigns and make politics about fixing problems rather than buying politicians, show the flag.

If you want Washington to balance the federal budget without breaking the back of the middle class, show the flag.

If you want to restore fairness to a system of taxation that heavily favors the super rich and penalizes hard work for little pay and few if any benefits, show the flag.

If you want to change the direction this country is headed and reverse the disastrous trend toward ever-great concentration of wealth in the face of a declining middle class – show the flag.

Why do liberals allow conservatives to claim the high ground when it’s the conservative Republicans who hold extreme views on a wide variety of issues from Social Security and public education to rape and abortion? Why do voters reward Republicans for pushing solutions to problems that typically call for sacrifices by the middle-class, cut benefits for the sick and needy, and ask nothing of those who have everything? Why do liberals allow conservatives, evangelical Christians, and Republicans to appropriate the flag?

It makes no sense. But by deploying emotionally-freighted symbols, Republicans with unlimited resources to spend running slick ads with propaganda-slanted messages on prime-time television are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of many middle-class voters.

So let’s fight fire with fire. Let’s start with this election. Let’s resolve not to stop until some semblance of sanity is restored to our politics and ethics. From here on out, liberals, every time voters go to the polls, let’s show the flag.

This article was published Monday 29 October 2012 at at: liberals-take-back-flag-1351517621ba. All rights are reserved.

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