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*Elizabeth (Betsy) Warren is an American bankruptcy law expert, Harvard Law School professor, and Democratic Party candidate in the 2012 United States Senate election in Massachusetts.

    Hi Allin, I’m Betsy Warren’s daughter, and I am so upset to see the headline on that our weasel governor refuses to implement the new healthcare act.
My mother and I talked about it (again, still) this morning, and as nearly as I can figure out, the healthcare act is on the block as much as the President (and the Democratic majority in the Senate) this November.  I read Mike Allen ( this morning, that Democrats STILL don’t want their names associated with this legislation, pairing their discomfort with Romney’s discomfort, they all would rather talk about anything else.
After three years of letting the Republicans denounce it as ‘death panels’ and ‘socialism’, Democrats HAVE TO start talking about how this act helps Americans.  Our governor’s friends the Koch Brothers certainly won’t have any trouble filling the silence of Democrats who would rather talk about anything else.  As we are all learning, all it takes is cash.
If the Democrats allow the despicable oligarchs on the right wing to seize this agenda, then the Democrats deserve to lose.
Who can we get to?  Who can we convince who has a megaphone big enough to stand toe to toe with the oligarchs?  What are you planning for angry Democrats in Wisconsin?
Thanks for allowing me to vent! Kathy Warren, Egg Harbor

Dear Allin, I want you to know that I agree with my daughter Kathy who has just emailed you her feelings about Walker’s decision to not implement the health care law.  I do realize that he can say such a thing and ignore the law. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be thousands of Wisconsinites who will apply for health care assistance under the new law.
I am concerned that Democrats aren’t saying enough about what the law does for people. Democrats are not refuting the misstatements of the Republicans. The news report that Kathy refers to about Democrats being afraid to speak out about the act is upsetting. Afraid!  We can’t afford to be afraid. We’ll for sure lose the election in November if we can’t take a chance and stand up for the act.     Especially, we must not give Republicans a handle on what Democrats may feel. We must never be afraid!
We have to support the health care act and tell everybody. Repeat and repeat its good provisions. Item by item. I have sent this message to Democratic  leaders this morning.
My best wishes to you.  Betsy Warren




  Copied from Allin’s Notes of 3 July 2012

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