Character Matters by S Carmen

Character Matters – No Joke

There is no shortage of bad jokes regarding the civil war in Wisconsin launched in February 2011.

The first bad joke is a governor who has had several former key staff members be charged with and/or plead guilty to assorted misdemeanors and felonies in the past year. The criminal investigation is still underway.

The second bad joke is a governor who needs to have a criminal defense fund as well as a team of criminal defense lawyers.

The third bad joke is a governor who willfully lied during testimony to Congress in April 2011.

The fourth bad joke is a governor, who while Milwaukee County Executive mismanaged the affairs of the Milwaukee County Medical Complex.

The fifth bad joke is willingness in recent days to “promise” tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money to stimulate economic development in Milwaukee. (this is what they call impeccable timing in the comedy world)

The sixth bad joke is, as of May 20tth, 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (still the gold standard measure) the worst record of job creation in the country since January 2011.

The seventh bad joke is a billion dollar cut to the future success of Wisconsin, by balancing tax breaks for business with cuts to K-12 and higher education.

The eighth bad joke, undermining environmental enforcement in Wisconsin by placing politics ahead of quality of life for Wisconsinites.

The ninth bad joke is a governor willing to roll back women’s rights in the workplace and healthcare.

The tenth bad joke, a governor who will launch a civil war and talk about dividing an conquering and who will allow the thought of outside provocateurs to disrupt the free speech of Wisconsin citizens.

Some may see it as a “Democratic temper tantrum.” Some see it as a path to return Wisconsin to its rightful position as a beacon of integrity in government we knew in the days of Lee Sherman Dreyfuss, Warren Knowles, Patrick Lucy and Gaylord Nelson. This is what I stand for.

You may disagree with Tom Barrett on the issues, I do, but he will never lie to the citizens of Wisconsin and he’ll never need a criminal defense team to protect him from the citizens.  No joke.

Sam Carmen

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Published as a Letter to Editor in Door County Advocate, 30 May 2012



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