On the pages of this section find writings submitted by members, friends and subscribers of www.DoorDems.org, the website of the Democratic Party of Door County (DPDC).  Submittals can be a Letter to the Editor (published or not) or article otherwise composed by the submitter.

The subject choice is up to the submitter.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Impact of recent legislation
  • Regulation versus our  home, the Earth.
  • Courteous political discourse
  • Does “Equal Rights for All” have limits
  • Moderate Political Behavior
  • Rights & responsibilities of Freedom
  • Assault weapons regulation
  • Common good served by government
  • How peace and security require a free citizenry

The are a few restrictions.

First the  subject must fall somewhere within the range of interests of DPDC.  Second, the language and tone must be socially acceptable.  Third, the length of the article should be reasonable, usually no more than 750 words.  Fourth, the author must be fully identified by name, address and phone number (if justified, a nom de querre may be considered).   The Webmaster is the sole judge of compliance.


In the spirit of free and open discourse, the Webmaster will exercise a limited editorial function.  Therefore, opinions and claims expressed on these pages are those only of the individual authors and, necessarily, may not agree with or may even conflict with those of DPDC.

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