WALKER REPUBLICANS: Want to sell publicly owned buildings and assets (like the Capitol building and University power plants) to private corporations and individuals
FACT: Walker Republicans authorized the sale or lease of any state owned heating, cooling or power plant, with or without the solicitation of competitive bids.
FACT: Selling heating plants to private interests could stick the state with higher costs when it buys back output from the plants. The sale of these facilities would saddle the state with higher day-to-day costs because the state would have to contract with the buyers of the plants to heat and cool University of Wisconsin campuses, prisons and health institutions.
FACT: The plan has drawn opposition from University of Wisconsin System officials who say it could hurt fundraising efforts for new campus buildings.

WALKER REPUBLICANS: Rejected $810 million in federal stimulus dollars for a high-speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison.
FACT: Wisconsin owes around $50 million for the new Hiawatha trains already built under a state contract, trains Walker stubbornly refuses to take delivery on, and for a related maintenance facility. The state is being sued for $65.9 million.
FACT: In the first year, the Madison station was expected to add nearly 500,000 riders to the popular Hiawatha service that last year carried nearly 820,000 passengers between Milwaukee and Chicago.
FACT: High-speed rail would have created 11,500 of good-paying, family-supporting jobs in railroad car construction and operation in Wisconsin and 2,100 support jobs after the line was completed.
FACT: 126 more of these rail cars were scheduled for production in Wisconsin. Thanks to Walker’s rejection of high-speed rail, they are now being built in Illinois.

WALKER REPUBLICANS: Cost Wisconsin potential job creation, economic development, property tax value increases that often come with close proximity to access to mass transit, not to mention the lost opportunity for people to get around without cars.
FACT: Not only does the state have to pay for new maintenance facilities and for upgrading the Milwaukee station to disability standards, it still lacks transportation options for individuals and businesses in its state capital.

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