The Votes of Walker Republicans

Since the election of Scott Walker in 2010, the Republican majorities in the Senate and Assembly have voted in lock step with his every wish. There is every reason to believe that ANY Republican Candidate running for office in the state of Wisconsin will continue to do Walker’s bidding. And by doing Walker’s bidding, those candidates are doing the bidding of the corporate interests that seek to distinguish all that is good about the place we call home.

The Democratic Party of Door County has identified 5 issues that reveal the true hypocrisy and motives of Walker Republicans. Please spread help us spread the word of these most egregious, of so many egregious actions, taken by Republican legislators in the past 4 years.

Each graphic on this page is linked to a page that gives you further details to education your friends, family and neighbors. Please share the graphics and the facts that back up the messages and let’s help Mary Burke become Wisconsin’s first female Governor!


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