GOP removes 87,000 low income families from BadgerCare


WALKER REPUBLICANS: Raised the premiums for BadgerCare, the nation-leading health insurance plan for low-income adults in Wisconsin.
FACT: Walker Republicans ended eligibility for parents and caretaker relatives of disabled family members if the family could buy a high deductible/ high co-pay group plan through an employer for less than 9.5% of the family’s income.
WALKER REPUBLICANS: Rejected the expansion of Medicaid ($100 million in federal money) that the federal government would have financed 100%.

WALKER REPUBLICANS: Are ending Badger Care for adults in households without children.
FACT: The estimates are as high as 92,000 adults will be kicked off. Additionally, Walker Republicans are slashing the eligible income levels for families with children in the household back to the minimum permitted by federal law.

WALKER REPUBLICANS: Forced the federal government to create a Marketplace Health Care registration website since the State of Wisconsin refused to create one.
FACT: Walker’s decision to reject federal money under the Affordable Care Act is costing the state $119 million in its two-year budget.
FACT: If Walker had accepted the money available through the Affordable Care Act, the federal government would have paid all of the cost through 2016, with the amount eventually dropping to 90% by 2021. In addition, the federal money would have applied to those with incomes up to 138% of the poverty threshold.

WALKER REPUBLICANS: Refusal to participate in the federal health care exchanges has driven up the cost of health care plans for individuals.
FACT: In Minnesota, where the state government created a state exchange, the premiums are as low as half as they are in Wisconsin.


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