Some seem to believe and believe with a passion, in a sort of arrogant ignorance, fictions endlessly repeated without conscience.  Can you believe what such people believe?   Some samples:

“He [President Obama] hasn’t put forth a plan to get us working againsays Mitt Romney, who apparently has little knowledge of  the current Jobs Act before Congress, blocked by House Republicans, nor the Stimulus Bill, the Auto Bailout, etc of 2008.

About 40% of people on Medicare or Social Security believe (or claim) they they do not benefit from any government program, according to a recent poll.  You know, the ones that say “Keep the government’s hands off my Social Security!”

“You can’t tax the Job-Creators” (also known as Supply-Side Economics, Trickle-Down Theory, or Reagonomics)  There is ample evidence this economic approach has never worked and NO evidence that it ever could work in the future.  Despite its political prominence, no trickle-down theory has ever existed among economists.

BOTH political right AND left have become more extreme.  Pugh Research says no – only the right.
Democrats passed Obama-Care knowing it would slow done economyEven after being advised by the quoted author that his book stated no such thing, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney used the claim repeatedly.

30% of Republicans still  believe that President Obama is a MuslimWhat sort of world do such people live in.  Such irrational thought (or lack thereof) among so many is frightening.

We must run government like a business.  What a silly idea. A business can go OUT of business and, of course, a government can not. Government is a very different animal in dozens of ways.

12% of the voting public believe they are in the top 1%Really? Yah, really.

Government employees make more than the people they serveThis claim is dishonestly made. It does not clarify that the comparison gives no weight to education, experience and responsibilities of each group.  A correct comparison shows the opposite is true.

Conservatives work harder and hug their children more (than liberals)

“7 or 8 of the California  Universities do not even offer classes in American History”Presidential Rick Santorum, when offering what he meant to say, provided another fiction.

“Death Panels” still pop up in public discourseWhat can you say?

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  1. I jut read on a blog the other day that the person writing would “take a Mormon over a Muslim”. I replied “I am pretty sure Romney is a Mormon, but who’s the Muslim?”

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