GOP Push Voucher Schools Gains & Local School Cuts


Community Schools:

Walker Republicans WANT: To slash funding to public schools to create a system of private, corporate-run, racially-discriminating voucher and online schools, and remove control from the local community.

Walker’s budget allows charter schools to maintain their current state funding levels, while cutting the funding levels of public schools by withholding state aid and property taxes. Funding for new corporate voucher schools is taken off the top of all the state aid available to public school districts. Voucher schools are contrary to our proud tradition of public education under community control.

FACT: The success of investments in public education has endured despite all the cuts to public schools over the last 20 years. That success can still be seen in Wisconsin today, despite the state having doubled the number of school children living in poverty between 1997 and 2012.

FACT: Voucher schools do more harm than good when it comes to racial segregation and academic achievement (2012 study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Race and Poverty).

FACT: Only 17 % of voucher school students outperformed public schools, 37 % did significantly worse, and the remaining 46 % were no better. Milwaukee voucher students perform WORSE in state tests than their public school peers. (Stanford University study)

Walker Republicans WANT: To allow 40 new voucher school authorizing entities, and remove local school districts’ ability to oversee and staff the schools.

FACT: Walker would require the state to allow corporate voucher schools to use “alternative” evaluations for teachers and administrators.
Walker would allow corporate voucher schools to expand automatically, without community oversight.

Walker Republicans WANT: To lift the income cap for vouchers, so wealthy families could receive public funds to send their kids to private schools.

Walker WANTS: To cut teacher benefits and expand opportunities for “digital education”. Digital education turns out to be the corporate business of Walker supporters’ parent organization, KnowledgeWorks, which markets a “portfolio of innovative approaches” to schools in 17 states.

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