Sequestration Will Hurt Education

From NEA Education Insider:


The sequester cut would dramatically impact 9.35 million students by eliminating services, cutting financial aid, and increasing class sizes. As many as 80,500 jobs could be lost in early education, K-12 and post secondary education. Since July 2008, the country has lost 312,700
public education jobs. This means there are roughly as many public school jobs today as in December 2004. Yet, there will be 847,000 more pre k-12 public school students this coming school year than in the fall of 2004.

NEA is calling on Congress to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction –including closing corporate tax loopholes and ensuring the top two percent of all earners — those most able to do so — pay their fair share. Education programs cannot continue to be the source for deficit reduction while millionaires and corporations benefit from tax cuts and loopholes!

In Wisconsin alone the numbers are just as bad! $18.5 million in cuts, 20,360 students affected, and 200 possible job loses according to the CBO’s estimate. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ estimate there would be $19.9 million in cuts, 21,920 students affected and 210 possible job loses.

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Sequestration Will Hurt Education — 1 Comment

  1. I read the article and still don’t know what sequestration means. i am a retired teacher but still do what I can for ‘my school’. I can see the devastation – big classes and fewer teachers.