Why the Recall

 “If a man is dishonest to obtain a job,

he’ll be dishonest on the job.”   Mike Huckabee,  2008

Was he warning us about Scott Walker???? 


The best reasons are the one or two that are the most important to you!  Here, in no special order, are ones discussed in the Open Forums and General Meetings at the Democratic Party of Door County.

Governor Walker misled voters about his true agenda and intentions. 

  • The fiscal crisis is not as bad as he said it as.
  • It was possible to reduce the deficit by negotiating with those most affected.
  • The wealthy are willing to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Corporations are willing to be good citizens and pay their fair share of taxes.

Wisconsin’s working families cannot continue to prosper burdened by the cuts in salaries, benefits and bargaining rights Walker has imposed.

Governor Walker has gutted Wisconsin’s public education system. He does not recognize that:

  • Teachers are part of the solutions.
  • Support for education & the UW system is a good investment in the future.
  • The Technical Schools produce job ready graduates.

Governor Walker seems intent on destroying decades of environmental protections.

  • He has effectively killed the phosphorous ban.
  • He is opening the State to massive, open pit mining.
  • Wetlands are no longer sacred or worth preserving.

Governor Walker is dismantling the health care system for women, seniors, children and poor working families.

  • Governor Walker has created a high conflict, intentionally chaotic environment of political rewards and punishments that subverts the democratic process.

Governor Walker is systematically disenfranchising whole demographic groups.

  • He has sign into law legislation suppressing the voice and votes of seniors, poor, students, laborers.

Governor Walker is part of a national, radical, reactionary group of people (Rove, Koch brothers, Heritage Foundation)

  • They are intent on remaking America into a survival of the fittest, big business dominated, extreme-wealth protecting nation at all costs.  The same extreme policies have been introduced in Republican state houses across the nation, all since January.

There are core Democratic values you can always “fall back on”.  See Our Values page.

Source: “RECALL ELECTIONN 2011 Volunteer Training Manual 

 updated 9 May 2012

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