An Announcement from the
Democratic Party of Door County


In retrospect:

The extraordinary effort that collected over 9,000 signatures (4,900 Walker, 4,500 Kleefish) in the Door County RECALL took everyone doing everything they could! 

The core group of 38 office volunteers kept the office open the last two weeks from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm most days.  17 people doing data entry meant we recorded over 4,000 signatures, tracked 400+ people who had petitions and 363 who turned them in, and recorded 1,720 petition forms.  One person turned in over 500 signatures, many people 4 or less… but they all mattered. 

Tuesday, Jan 17, Martha Baker from Baileys Harbor represented all of us when she turned our petitions in to the GAB (Government Accountability Board) in Madison. 

Now our job is to keep the momentum going and elect people to represent us in Madison and Washington under a banner of TRUST. FAIRNESS. COMMUNITY


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