Democratic Party Platform July 21, 2016 (National)

Democratic Party 2016 Platform

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Note that the first four pages have the Table of Contents forming a nice Summary

To print just the first four pages from Adobe Reader

Choose File > Print or click icon in the toolbar.

  • Select a Printer and number of Copies to print.

  • (Optional) Click Properties to open the Printer properties. For more information, see your printer documentation.

  • Under Pages to Print, select an option:

    • All – prints all pages in the PDF.
    • Current page – prints the current page in the PDF.
    • Pages – specifies a subset of pages to print. You can enter individual page numbers, a range, or a combination. For example: 1, 6-18, 33, 98.
    • More options – specifies additional options such as even or odd pages, and reverse pages.

    Pages to print


  • Specify other options as per your requirements:

    • Page Sizing & Handling
    • Orientation
    • Comments & Forms

    As you change the settings, the print preview is displayed. Click the arrow buttons at the bottom to preview the other pages.

  • If necessary, click Page Setup to change the paper size, paper source, or orientation.

  • Click Print.

    These Printing instructions are from

    If you have any questions on partial printing please call Markus at 920-333-1564  

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