Volunteer Opportunities
Here is grass roots politics. 
This is how we make our voices count – 
making a difference one by one by one.
We have a way for you to contribute that suits your tastes, interests, skill, availability and/or energy level.  These positions come active at varying times depending on.the season, the election cycle, event schedules and people’s availability.  Pick out one (or more) and fill in the form below.

Office Staff  you can volunteer for one day a week, just occasionally or whenever we can depend on you.  In the office we do calling, mailings, coordination, training, greet walk-ins, and handout yard signs, buttons and stickers

Data Entry – for those who won’t make calls, or won’t talk to their neighbors but are willing to sit at a computer entering data collected by other volunteers. Very sporadic, very important

Phone Caller  we are constantly reaching out to people. We can identify them by interest and voting history looking for volunteers and potential supporters during an election. Getting out the vote is an essential element of every election.

Door to Door Canvasser call on your neighbors or voters in key areas. This is the absolutely most important volunteer job because it has the potential to change people’s minds. People may not want to talk, but are rarely rude.

Event Staff  for the 4 or 5 events we do each year.  The Events committee always needs help setting-up, planning, coordinating and cleaning-up.

Parade Staff   during the summer and early fall there are parades almost every weekend. We have a float and music but need people to ride the float or walk the parade route. Sometimes we hand out literature or candy but mostly we just walk in support of the party. There are parades in ever corner of the county

Researcher   help sort through the many emails, decide which are important and forward them appropriately. Fact check, follow-up on ideas, gather information on key issues.

Neighborhood Coordinator  we have a “voter preference” list (a data base) that needs additions and updates.  A Coordinator takes a 4 or 5 block area near where they live and gets to know the strong Democrats living there and discover the preferences of those who aren’t yet in the list. We supply the initial list and provide back-up support.

Advocate  write a letter-to-the-editor and/or an issue paper on a topic of your choice.

Recruiter  helps fill all these volunteer positions through personal contact by phone or face-to-face.

Committee Member  our committees function more like Task Forces growing and shrinking depending on need and urgency.  Typical Committees are: Membership  (recruitment, public relations, events); Advocacy (education, outreach, issues); Elections (candidate recruitment/support, office coordination.  Committees meet on an as-needed basis.

Poll Worker – sit at a table, register the voter, hand out ballets.  There are many who are regulars at this, but replacements are occasionally needed.  Contact your town or city clerk to say you are willing.

Poster Painter

Petition Circulator

Poll Watcher

Become a Candidate

Campaign Worker

Volunteer now.  This is how:

1. Enter your Name, Address, Phone, Email in the form below.

        so we can get back to you! 

2. In the Reply box, describe what you’re volunteering for. 

        Be as specific as you wish – what, when, how often, etc. 

3. Click on the “Post Comment” button on the lower right.

        The right person will get back to you very soon.

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Volunteer — 8 Comments

  1. We (my husband Ron and I) will be at our second home in Door County (Sister Bay) the last weekend in October. (We are permanent residents of Oak Park, IL) Are there things we can do to help the campaign?

  2. I will be visiting (from CA) my relatives Aug 22-24, and while in Door County help make calls for a few hours. When/where could I help out? I’m experienced doing calls for volunteer recruitment or calling voters, either one.

    • Glenda,
      Wonderful! Please call Nick Paul (our local organizer) at (603) 731-2959 or stop by to visit our DPDC office at 7 Second Ave (lower level), Sturgeon Bay – entrance is in back off of Michigan Street. Nick will be happy to meet you.
      Ron Maclean

  3. I would like to help out in the office and/or do data entry. This election is so important for America,for each of us to do their part!

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