Tom Paine Dinner

Annual Tom Paine “Common Sense” Dinner

Typically held on or near the 4th Thursday in May

We have buffet dinner and a very special guest speaker for our Annual Thomas  Paine “Common Sense” Dinner.  The “Grey” Donkey Auction is no longer a part of this event.

The Program:

5:30 – Social hour, cash bar

6:30 – Dinner (catered)

7:15 – Program – featured speaker

8:00 – Event concludes (approximate)

Guest Speakers:

2014: Harvey Kaye, Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies at UW-Green Bay, is a noted American Historian and author.  Allso an entertaining and inspiring speaker, he discussed his new book on FDR The Fight for Four Freedoms.

2103: John Nichols, popular well-known progressive commentator and author,  provided insights into the current political scene.

2012:  Mike Tate, dynamic speaker, State Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  In the spirit of Tom Paine, Mike has been deeply involved in the recall elections, so he had many insights to share.


Event admission is $30.00 per person which includes dinner, dessert, coffee, the evening’s entertainment and Silent Auction.  Proceeds will help your Door County Democratic Party prepare to provide strong support to Democratic candidates in the upcoming critical elections.


Reservations are recommended (usually includes a discount)


Location for this event varies from year to year.

What is A Grey Donkey Auction anyway?:

The Grey Donkey Auction was an integral part of the Thomas Paine Dinner through 2013.  It was a sale of things you have that are in fine condition but you don’t want, don’t like, or don’t have room for, but are too good to throw out.  That is, great items to donate for use in a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Door County.

It really was a Grey (not white) Donkey auction.  The darling donkey in this picture (nearly life-sized) was donated to the Silent Auction by JoAnn and Jeff Rosenfeld.  Wouldn’t he/she have been perfect for grandchildren? …… or in the children’s play area of one of our local nonprofits?  He/she may still be available.  Ask an officer.

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