Our Values

The Democratic Party of Door County and its members share a common set of core values that underlie ideals for relationships of people to each other, to their government, to other nations, to the environment, and to the rights and responsibilities of the hallmark of democracy – freedom.

Policies are the means by which these values are translated into actions, such as support of issues and candidates for public office. But it is the underlying values that define us. These values include:

Government must serve the common good. Some needs are too basic and too critical to be left to unregulated private interests. All people need and deserve access to health care, education, safe supplies of food and water, clean air, a living wage, personal security and access to transportation. Taxes are our investment in a civil, democratic society.

Equal rights are due all people, without regard to age, ability, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or economic status. Equality requires justice for all and respect for civil liberties. No one is above the law.

The earth is our only home.  Stewardship of the environment is necessary for the common good of people everywhere. Our most fundamental responsibility is to preserve the world for our children and future generations. We all live downstream. 

 Freedom conveys both rights and responsibilities. It implies the right to make personal decisions about moral, political, religious, philosophical and medical issues, and the obligation to make those choices responsibly. The quality of our decisions depends heavily on access to multiple sources of sound, accurately-labeled information. The best kind of freedom is being able to make well-informed decisions.
Peace and security require a free citizenry. International cooperation and sufficient military forces to repel external threats are essential, but our greatest strength derives from leading by example. We support other countries in their efforts to achieve conditions that will enhance their security. Treat your neighbor as yourself at home and abroad.


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