8th CD Resolutions – 2014

1.     Air Emission Recycling

Waupaca, 97 words

Whereas, climate change can be modified by reducing the rate at which CO2 accrues in the atmosphere and Wisconsin’s power plants emit 32.8 million tons of CO2 per year.

Whereas, EPA will require capture and storage of CO2 according to Best Systems for Emission Reduction, including geological sequestration by injection and Air Emission Recycling (AER), wherein CO2 waste is converted into compost and cellulose products.

Whereas, there are no geological sequestration sites in Wisconsin

Therefore, resolved, Wisconsin adopt Air Emission Recycling to capture and process CO2 to meet the needs of counties’ energy and economic development plans.


2.     Protecting the Environment and Community Ownership of Resources

Door County, 100 words

Whereas, everyone is entitled to clean and safe water to drink and air to breathe,

Whereas, the resources of air and water and land are not infinitely renewable,

Whereas, confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) are being allowed to spread excessive amounts of waste, polluting ground water,

Whereas, protective enforcement of environmental regulations has been lax,

Whereas, community ownership of sustainable, green energy alternatives supports acceptance of them,

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the DPW supports funding for enforcement of regulations designed to ensuring clean air and water, sustainability of these resources and local control of green energy alternatives and ground water protection.

3.     Review of Sand Mine Impact

Waupaca County, 95 words

Whereas, the health and environmental impacts of industrial-scale silica sand mine operations are in question, and

Whereas, extraction industries, including silica sand mining, have a history of economic boom and bust that depletes natural resources and does not sustain economic and cultural development, and

Whereas, local units of government need complete information in decision making when face with silica sand mine proposals,

Therefore, resolved, DPW supports a temporary moratorium on further permitting of silica sand mines or handling facilities while a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) is prepared to examine issues related to these facilities.


4.     Promoting Freedom of Choice

Door County, 79 words

 Whereas, social issues that invade the private lives of individuals have no place in the political arena, and

Whereas, a woman should have universal access to health care options affecting her future, and

Whereas, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin strives to eliminate discrimination in all its forms and contexts, and

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin supports the right of women to make their own health care decisions and the right of everyone to full contraceptive information.

5.     Equal Pay for Equal Work

Winnebago County, 47 words


Whereas, the women’s pay for equal work compared to men’s pay is 77 cents for every dollar that men earn;


Therefore, resolved, the Wisconsin Democratic Party push for legislation to have equal pay for equal work by contacting our Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives and Wisconsin State Senators.


6.     Eliminate Private School Vouchers

Waupaca County, 61 words


Whereas, private school vouchers do not improve student achievement and requirements imposed on private schools are less stringent than those imposed on public schools,


Whereas, vouchers take resources away from public school students, and private school vouchers increase the property tax load and reduce services available to public school students,


Therefore, resolved, no taxpayer money be used for private school vouchers.


7.     School Funding Support and Support for Technical Colleges

Door County, 70 words

 Whereas, the current funding formula results in annual shortfalls of necessary funds for staff, services and equipment, and Whereas, Wisconsin¹s Technical Colleges provide skilled workers for future economic growth, and Whereas, all teachers should be supported in their efforts to teach their students properly, THEREFORE, RESOLVED that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin supports school finance legislation that funds the cost of excellence in K-university education including the Technical College system.


8.     Social Security Tax

Kewaunee County, 100 words

Whereas, the contribution of tax to Social Security ceases once $117,000 of income per calendar year is reached, and


Whereas, contributions historically based on a set income have not taken into account inflation or the increase in life expectancy, and


Whereas, the generation currently utilizing Social Security have paved the way for us and this County,


Therefore, resolved, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin must support implementing Social Security tax on all earned income. The DPW should state openly and proudly the obligation to support those who paved the way for us in this County, making it what it is today.

9.     Non-partisan Redistricting Resolution

Winnebago County, 90 words


Whereas, Iowa has effectively used a nonpartisan agency to draft district maps for approval by their Legislature since 1981, and


Whereas, bills in the Wisconsin Legislature, Assembly Bill 185 and Senate Bill 163, would reform the way the state redistricts, and


Whereas, no public hearings have yet been held on these proposals, in spite of many citizens asking legislators to move these bills along, and


Whereas, litigation in the 2011 redistricting process cost taxpayers $2.1 million,


Therefore, resolved, we urge passage of an Iowa-type redistricting plan by the Wisconsin Legislature.


10.  Term Limits

Outagamie County, 53 Words


Whereas, it does not benefit the people to have perpetual elected officials,


Whereas, a fresh change of ideas and views would be beneficial for all concerned


Therefore, resolved, all legislators be allowed to serve two (2) consecutive terms for that office and then have to stand down for at least one (1) term.


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