Building the Future Tuesday Oct 3rd

Building the Future

Tuesday, October 3 at 6 PM – 8:45 PM

Sturgeon Bay Public Library


Details about the meeting

Democrats! Put on your hard hats! We’re building a rock-solid foundation on Door County’s native bedrock! Nothing is stronger!

Don’t Stop Reading!! This is not a plea for money.
It is a plea, for your commitment and love of country.

2018 is upon us! The resistance has been successful and must continue. Now, we must at the change component: winning elections!

This is a big effort, but many hands make light work. Will you give your country a hand?

The Door County Democrats are building the foundation to support our candidates, local to national. There is a wide variety of work to be done: data entry, canvassing in pairs, phone calls, writing, social media posting, neighborhood coffees. What this really means is coming out as a proud Democrat and welcoming the efforts of Dems, Indies, undecideds, cross-overs and patriots of every stripe. Among this list, you will surely find some form of person to person contact that you would like to engage in. Don’t hold back! There are plenty of people here to support your efforts.

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We have a list provided by the WisDems detailing voter contact information for Door County. Recent elections have shown that it is time to update it to make it a reliable tool for canvassers, callers and candidates: when you call someone whose number is on the list, that should be the person who answers. On October 3, you will find yourself among friends who are eager to work together to win elections! There will be specific tasks and explicit instructions. You will leave knowing that the foundation is laid and the mortar is curing. Our structure will weather all storms and will be home to Victory. Come and bring your tools! Democrats are stronger Together!  More details please contact

Laurel Brooks 920 883-5906

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