Back 40, Gold and Zinc Sulfide Mine July 25

Photo from Sierra Club Wisconsin Facebook site.

A big note of praise to the Door County Board of Supervisors who  passed a Resolution Opposing the Back – 40 mine.  One of the many steps required to protect the Menominee River and the bay of Green Bay.

A note from Allin Walker:
Given the opportunity to do what they could to oppose the Back 40 Mine, today the Door County Board of Supervisors voted (voice vote so it might be off by one) 18 to 2 (one Supervisor was absent) to support the resolution opposing the mine. It was very moving that they supported the urging and testimony of Native Tribal representatives, commercial fishermen, folks that love the beaches and waters for recreation and ordinary Door County residents. Thank you to everyone who attended, worked on passage and celebrated the support vote. Leadership from Joshua was critical….. This is the kind of Coalition we have to put together to win votes and generate action!

The Resolution to Oppose the back 40 mine goes before the full board in Door County at 9:00 am July 25th for details go to              

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Original Back – Info and Links
Please join us from 6:30 – 8:00 pm on June 6th to hear from Al Gedicks about the Back 40 here to read more about it’s potential devastation of the Menominee River and the Bay of Green Bay.

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