Women’s March on Madison Jan. 21st — 5 Comments

    • Margaret, I could not find you on FB and that may be why you
      were not able to message her or comment on her post.
      I assume you have here phone number now.

  1. Just recently retired from Janesville and moved to our new home in Egg Harbor. Would really like to go to the March on Saturday, but too long a drive by myself. Is there any chance we could get another bus going from Sturgeon Bay?

    • Thanks for asking the question.
      We looked into getting a second bus two weeks ago,
      but there were none available.
      Maybe ride shares/car pooling would work out.
      Also, there may be a wait list for the bus in case
      there are no shows. Please contact Dawn Patel on FB.
      I’ll try to get her phone number shortly.


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