Minutes for 6/11/2015 Board Meeting

DPDC Board Meeting June 11, 2015 

Present: Garrett Cohn, John Harris, Cal Holvenstot, Ron Maclean, Sam Carmen, Bill Perloff,John Franz, Rod Bohn, Naomi Rowley, Dean Hoegger, Suzanne Holvenstot

 Absent:   Mary Ann Zjala, Tammy Sternard, Kathleen Finnerty

Garrett called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

The amended agenda was approved (Ron/Naomi.)

The minutes of the May 14th board meeting were approved as corrected (Naomi/Bill.) Corrections include: date of the summer picnic is Aug. 29; the Paine dinner was served at 6:30; and Sawyer Park is reserved at 2 pm for picnic set up.

John Harris respectfully declined program chairmanship.

Treasurer’s Report: John Franz reported a balance of $2124.19 after the Paine Dinner. From this balance John must send $116.00 to state Democratic headquarters. Bill Perloff sent out a cash flow report. As of today we are $75 ahead of the projected budget. Individual contributions are greater than anticipated. Bill commented that we want to have a surplus for the election year ahead. The budget was approved ( Ron/ Dean.)

Review of the State Democratic Conference is postponed because Kathleen Finnerty was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

Thomas Paine Dinner Finance Report: Naomi Rowley distributed a finance event report. A copy of this is included with a hard copy of these minutes. The contribution (total income minus total expenses for the Paine Dinner is $829.50. Naomi noted that $350 of this was contributions of sponsors. Garrett and the Rowleys also donated money for expenses. The dinner was deemed a success, with board members quite pleased with the evening. John Harris commented on the excellent program, with Mike McCabe as speaker. Sixty people attended. Last year’s turnout was 87. Topics discussed were: location, as turnout was better at Bjorklunden (election blues?); price, with Naomi’s suggestion to keep the original price of $25; Eventbrite can start with the first announcement of the next dinner; and consideration of a silent auction. (This creates much work, but netted $400 in the past.)

Moving Day: June 22 is the date Sam Carmen, John Harris, Ron Maclean, Garrett Cohn, and Cal Holvenstot will move equipment and furniture to Apple Storage. Meet at the back door of the office at 10:00. Rain date TBD if needed. Ron and Cal will bring trailers; two others have SUVs.

Membership “More People Involved”: Ron reported that membership is decreasing. Currently we have 372 working email addresses that reach 530 people, 132 of whom are members. Ron distributed a page of Volunteer Positions for Social Media. He will ask a few people a month to contribute something. Garrett volunteered to be Facebook Issue Editor, John Harris offered to be Facebook Event Promoter and Proofreader, Garrett thought Myrna might be Twitter Instructor, and Tom Davis has volunteered to be Website Author. Dean suggested including a request for volunteers with the next newsletter or in an email. Sam suggested gaining volunteers at the picnic with a short form stating, “I will help with social media”. Someone needs to follow up on these responses with a phone call.

June and July Membership Meeting Programs: Ideas included forums with speakers such as John Hauser, President of the SBHS Board of Education, journalist Bill Berry, Tammy Sternard, VP of the SDHS school board, speaking about a current education issue Mary Ann Zjala speaking on Health care services, or Wayne Kudik, speaking about social services. Other suggestions were to have women such as Charolette Baierl, who are interested in political involvement; Mark Knapp, CEO of Big Brothers/Big Sisters discussing growing poverty among children in Door County; and Peter Sigmann discussing the Community Health Clinic and the Affordable Care Act. John Harris commented on the impact of the impending Supreme Court ruling on whether 36 states receiving subsidies under the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

Summer Picnic: Is scheduled for August 29. Garrett, John Franz, and Bill Perloff will run the picnic. Grillers will be John H. and Cal H., who will cook hot dogs and burgers. Wisconsin senator Dave Hansen will introduce Russ Feingold. Admission price was set at $7/adult and $2/children 12 and under. Each person/family is requested to bring a dish to pass. Set up at Sawyer Park is at 2 pm. The picnic begins at 5 pm and features Russ Feingold as speaker.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 (Dean/Cal.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Respectfully submitted,   Suzanne Holvenstot





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