Minutes for 5/14/15 Board Meeting

DPDC Board Meeting Minutes               May 14, 2015

Present:    Garrett Cohn,  Naomi Rowley, John Harris, John Franz, Bill Perloff, Dean Hoegger, Rod Bohn, Ron  Maclean, Suzanne Holvenstot, Kathleen Finnerty

Absent:      Tammy Sternard, Maryann Zjala, Cal Holvenstot, Sam Carmen

Garrett called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

The agenda was approved (Ron/John.)

Bill Perloff wrote the minutes for the April 9 board meetings. The minutes were approved (Rod/Bill.)

Treasurer’s Report:  Bill emailed this report to board members today.  Cash flow projection was $400; we have $250.  The board reviewed the 2015 Budget.  Dean asked John Franz for a finance sheet for the annual pie party that would indicate income amounts from donations, tickets, membership fees, and sponsorships .  For future planning the board would also benefit from knowing expense amounts for facility rental ($15), rented microphone ($32), and other expenses. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report passed (Dean/Rod.)

Membership Report:  Ron MacLean sent out an email stating that some members are not renewing this year (a non-presidential election year) and membership stands at 142. John Harris thinks that numbers will increase because Russ Feingold is running for senate, and Barbara Boxer and Margaret Warner are creating strong interest.

The 2015 Budget:  The board discussed and clarified changes and details of the budget draft, which we received Feb. 12. Changes included no longer renting office space ($50month) in 2015, and paying storage rental fees ($33/month) at Apple Storage beginning in April. We will not have the expense of internet for the office, because currently we do not have an office.  Website rate is up about $10, so the annual expense is $300. The Eighth Congressional District offered to share printing facilities with us.  Net income stays the same.  John Harris moved to approve the amended budget. Dean seconded and the motion passed.

The Paine Dinner:  Reservation count currently stands at roughly 30-32.  Deadline for reservations at $27.50/person is May 21.  Then the price increases to $35.  Naomi Rowley reminded that we need  to add 5 complimentary dinners for Mike McCabe, and 4 Youth in Government guests.  Cocktails are at 5:30 and dinner at 6:00 pm.  Rod Bohn and John will man the registration table, and offer newsletters and membership brochures. Bill will print name badges and prepare handwritten ones for late registrants.  Naomi is having 3 banners printed:  1. List and thank you to sponsors, 2. Welcome to the Thomas Paine Dinner, and 3. Welcome Mike McCabe.  McCabe will have a table and space to display and sign copies of his books.  John Franz will get names to Bill Perloff on May 23rd.  Dean will be responsible for a microphone, the American flag, and possibly the Democratic donkey.

Board Membership:  Kathleen Finnerty was appointed by Garrett as a member-at-large on the board. Kathleen gave us her background and described herself as a liberal voice.  Welcome, Kathleen.

Office Space Update:  The landlord has not asked us to move.  When he does, Ron MacLean has a trailer to transport larger items.

Old Business:  Ron emphasized the need to get more people involved.  Volunteer opportunities include mass media communications and emails to people who unsubscribe.  Volunteers could check with those whose email address changes.  We need more contributions to our blog and website and letters to the editor.  Writers could choose from a list of suggested topics and be part of a Letters to the Editor team.  John Harris commented on the importance of this effort, stating it would energize the party.

Naomi recommended an email blast for the Paine Dinner.  Dean Hoegger described an online reservation aid called Eventbrite.  Users can make and pay for event reservations.  Garrett urged implementing this option for the Paine Dinner.

Summer Picnic Update:  Russ Feingold will be the featured speaker at Sawyer Park, Saturday, July 23rd.  Naomi reserved the park from 2:30 onward.  After discussion the board decided to serve food at 4:30 and ask Feingold to speak at 6:00 pm.  Garrett will confirm these times with Russ Feingold as soon as possible.  The picnic will be burgers, hot dogs, and beverages with potluck salads and desserts. We need volunteers to set up, clean up, and bring tables and chairs.

Programs for the June and July membership meetings:  We need speakers.  Penny Barnard-Schaeffer urged featuring topics that concern high school youth and Millennials. One suggestion was to learn about programs with youth such as those in Appleton. Garrett was interviewed by the Door County Daily News about CAFOs.  Dean Hoegger may check with Bill Berry about a date to present a program. Berry was unable to present earlier in 2015. General consensus is that John Harris, with his many contacts, would be an excellent program chairman. Kathleen Finnerty asked what are the issues for Door County.  Finally, Ron MacLean commented that minutes of past meetings are available at doordemsrecords/org .  The password is PleaseOpenUP.

Garrett adjourned the meeting about 8:05 (Dean/John H.)

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Holvenstot


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