Minutes for 3/12/15 Board Meeting

DPDC Board Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2015
Present:   Naomi Rowley, Mary Ann Zjala, Bill Perloff, Rod Bohn, Ron Maclean, Cal Holvenstot, Suzanne Holvenstot, and via Skype, Garrett Cohn, Myrna Cohn and Sam Carmen
Absent:   John Harris, Tammy Sternard, John Franz, Dean Hoegger
Call to Order:  Naomi called the meeting to order at 6:15; Naomi added 2 new items to the agenda: a donation to Wisconsin Progress, and Youth in Government (YIG); the agenda was approved (Rod/Cal.)
 Treasurer’s Report:   John Franz sent the report that cash on hand is $1469.64.  The report was approved (Mary Ann/Ron.)  Ron will be submitting bills for $300 for website expenses and $32 for a speaker.
Draft Budget Review:  This was postponed.
Membership Update:  Ron sent an email with detailed membership data. (This is attached.) Currently membership is 148.  There was no February newsletter.
Update Office Considerations:  Garrett met with the building owner.  We are to be out of the office by the end of April.  We cannot sign a lease now because of lack of funds.  As soon as the owner gets another renter, we must vacate possessions from the basement.  Garrett sent an email to the membership requesting space to store equipment/furniture.  Garrett may store it; Bill Perloff has space for half the items.   We will wait approximately 10 days and decide what to do.
Per Person Price for the Paine Dinner:  We discussed pricing and settled on $27.50/person; $35/late reservation.  Each dinner costs us $15.  (Republicans are charging $25 for their Lincoln Dinner.) Garrett spoke with Russ Feingold, who asked Garrett whether he thought Feingold should run for senate.  (Yes!)  When Feingold decides, he will announce in June.  Garrett thinks it is likely Russ Feingold will speak at the picnic in July.
Update Letters to the Editor (Advocate/Pulse) Regarding Walker Budget Issues:  Ron requested Mary Ann’s senior care letter for the newsletter.  Garrett will write about DNR cuts and Dean about stewardship fund cuts.  Others are encouraged to write letters.
April Program for Members Meeting:  Mary Ann introduced the subject of entries on the party Facebook (FB) page.  She and Tammy are concerned that young people do not want Steve Kastner involved.  He is a prolific poster.  We need criteria for monitoring Steve.  Many of his ideas are excellent, but others are off-putting, particularly to young people.  Individuals of various ages, who oppose the west side hotel, are offended by Steve’s comments on the Democratic web page.  In past discussion with Garrett and Ron, Steve has been blunt about rejecting monitoring or editing of his ideas by others.  We need to control what is placed on the webpage.  Sam suggested that young people need to take over the FB page.  We need to set some standards.  Perhaps Mary Ann can find a person for this task.  This is a potential meeting topic for May.  The Democratic Party has a newsfeed where anyone can post, and a timeline where only designated people have editorial privileges.  Currently these people include Ron, Steve, and Garrett, and Bill.  Cal suggested that someone speak to Steve before we take an action such as taking away editorial privileges. Myrna Cohn concurs. Garrett will draft a letter for Naomi to sign and send to Steve.  A motion was made to form a small ad hoc committee to study the youth disaffected and speak with Steve.  This committee is Cal, Bill, and Tammy.  (Rod/Bill)  The motion passed.  Ron will be a consultant to the committee.
Update Search for Program Chair:  Garrett discussed this with John Harris.  John is not sure; Garrett can do it for a while.  Eugene Barufkin is a future speaker.  This item is tabled for now.
Update on VAN by Candidates in Non-Partisan Elections:   Bill reported that County Parties do not pay for the VAN, but all candidate campaigns must buy it. The dilemma we face is that we want to support local progressive candidates who may not wish to join the Party or receive a formal endorsement, and are often small enough campaigns that they can’t afford to buy the VAN. There was no resolution of the issue.
Picnic Speaker:  Garrett is the contact person with Russ Feingold.  Garrett will know more in 2 weeks whether Feingold will be our speaker.  Target date for the picnic is July 23rd.
Other Old Business: 
Sondra Meilke requested  a $250 donation for Wisconsin Progress.  The fundraiser was March 10th in Green Bay.  Ron stated that that this seems high and moved that the Democratic Party contribute $100. (Ron/Garrett.)  Motion passed 8 pro/1 con (Rod.)
New Business:  Colleen Crocker-Macmillan advises the high school youth group Youth in Government (YIG.) The purpose is to educate youth in an interactive manner to learn how government functions.  YIG  meets at the YMCA.  Rotary contributes substantially.  Kids study government for 1 year.  Then members go to a state-wide mock government event where they practice campaigning, elections, and passing legislation.  Door County has been quite active in state YIG activities, way beyond what  its geographic size would suggest.  Several  Door County participants have been elected governor.   Currently the Republican Party has invited 3 or 4 students to attend their Lincoln Dinner.  Cal moved that we invite 4 students to our Paine Dinner May 28th (Cal/Rod.)  The motion passed unanimously.  Bill will draw up a nice invitation this week.  Later we can give them more info about our stance on important issues.
Support for Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in April 7th Election:  Much money is coming to the other party candidate.  We will let individuals support her.  Ron will tell just how to do that on the FB webpage.
CAFO Resolution:  Garrett crafted this.  (See attached sheet.)  Kewaunee would like us to co-sponsor; it will be in the top 10 resolutions, Rod reports.  Ron moved that we use Garrett’s resolution with one exception: to strike to supports and replace the words with in support of.   The motion (Ron/Cal) passed unanimously. Garrett will write a press release for immediate release to local media.
Review Strategic Plan:  Ron suggested this.  Because of insufficient time, we will postpone discussion till next time.  Be thinking. What tactics are best?  What can members do? 
Repeal Citizens United:  For future discussion be aware that other counties have put a statement on the ballot as a referendum declaring Citizens United unconstitutional.  How do we do this?   Bill moved the board pursue info that will lead to a Door County referendum to repeal Citizens United (Bill/Rod.)  The motion carried.  We need to research the wording of the referendum.  Jake Hajdu of the Democratic Party will be helpful.  Ron mentioned the website votetorepeal.org about organizations.
Jason Ray requested 5 min. to talk ahead of Dean Hoegger’s presentation next membership meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10. (Bill/Mary Ann.)
                                                          Respectfully submitted,
                                                    Suzanne Holvenstot, Secretary


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