See how the brother’s use their inherited financial clout to manipulate public opinion, legislation, voting rights, environmental controls, union rights and more, all to the detriment of your life.

DPDC Showing “Koch Brothers Exposed, the movie”

What: One hour documentary by filmmaker Robert Greenwald

Who: includes commentary by US Senator Bernie Sanders, Journalist Adele Stan, Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, Environmentalists Bill McKibben and Van Jones, and others.

Where: Sturgeon Bay Library, Jane Green room, upper level

When: Thursday, February 26th, 7:00 pm

Admission: no charge, no tickets, no reservations

In Rolling Stone Newsletter of April 20, 2012, Julien Brookes wrote this review of the film:

Koch Brothers Exposed, the  movie

Koch Brothers Exposed, the movie

Now the Kochs are the subject of a blistering (but to all appearances factual) documentary by the activist filmmaker Robert Greenwald. Koch Brothers Exposed aims to show how the brothers’ machinations affect the lives of “living, breathing human beings,” as Greenwald put it to me at the film’s New York premiere in late March. “When I learned about the damage the Kochs were doing to our democracy, I wanted to make sure more Americans understood what they’re up to.”

On the evidence of Koch Brothers Exposed, the more relevant question is: What aren’t they up to? The film – scrappy and low-budget, but effective all the same – weaves together a string of shorter videos produced over the past year by Greenwald’s nonprofit Brave New Films, each looking at a separate tentacle of the “Kochtopus,” as lefty wags have dubbed the Kochs’ network. It recounts how the brothers have:

Read more in Rolling Stone …

Try Wikipedia’s inimitable straight forward treatment for further information.

Presented by Democratic Party of Door County for viewing by its members and friends, open to the general public as space permits.

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