Minutes for 12/18/14 Gen. Membership

Democratic Party Membership Meeting Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

Present: Garrett Cohn, Naomi Rowley, Bill Perloff, Rod Bohn, Ron MacLean, Wayne Kudick, Mary Horn, Allin Walker, John Franz, Cal Holvenstot, Mary Ann Zjala, Dean Hoegger, Suzanne Holvenstot

Absent: John Harris, Sam Carmen, Tammy Sternard

Guests:  Mary Marik, Warren Marik, Steve Kastner, Gerald Pelrine

Bill Perloff called the meeting to order at 6:04 in the Friends Room of the Door County Library.  Seventeen people attended and signed in with name, phone, and email address.

New Business:  Election of officers.  The nominating committee (John Harris, Mary Horn, Bill Perloff, Naomi Rowley, and Ron MacLean) created the slate of officers.  The slate was: Chair-Garrett Cohn, Vice Chair-Naomi Rowley, Secretary-Suzanne Holvenstot, and Treasurer-John Franz.

Executive Board is:  Northern Door: Sam Carmen and Bill Perloff

Sturgeon Bay:    Rod Bohn, Cal Holvenstot, and Ron MacLean

Southern Door:  John Harris and Tammy Sternard

At Large:              Dean Hoegger and Maryann Zjala

Discussion began with Stephen Kastner questioning why the slate of officers is presented and elections are held the same night when many members are not present.  He asked to be added as a candidate for Chair.  By way of introduction Steve said he had been involved in the local Democratic Party since 2004 and has a communications and film maker background. He spoke of significant problems and the need to build a communication network and attract more young people to the party.  Garrett Cohn commented that he respects issues that Kastner mentioned.  Cohn stated that the local Democratic Party is making progress and Door County mirrored the national midterm elections.  In discussion Wayne Kudick commented on the greatly increased membership in the Democratic Party in Door County and a peak in revenue generation.  Mary Horn stated she had been active 10 years locally and never saw or heard from Steve Kastner in that time.  Bill Perloff commented that Steve joined in 2006 and has not renewed membership before this evening.  Gerald Pelrine stated that although Steve can present a rather abrasive persona, he made good points and that locally we can use more online tools such as social media and online voting for officers.  Naomi Rowley stated that the purpose tonight is to elect officers.  Other suggestions and changes can be discussed at future meetings.  Mary Marik stated presently it is well accepted that members are expected to attend in order to vote.  Dean Hoegger moved that we go forward with the vote; Rod Bohn seconded.  The motion passed.  A written ballot yielded 15 votes for Garrett Cohn, 2 votes for Stephen Kastner.  Rod Bohn moved that we unanimously elect the remaining slate.  Dean Hoegger seconded.  The motion passed.

Other Business

Allin Walker thanked the nominating committee.  He commented on the public meeting of the Sturgeon Bay Zoning Committee regarding a proposed multi-story hotel on the West Side, attended by 200 citizens last night.  Half the audience was under age 45.  He urged us to use online communication and other grass roots efforts to strengthen a sense of community and increase involvement.

Naomi Rowley thanked departing board members Allin Walker, Wayne Kudick, and Mary Horn.  She welcomed new members Cal and Suzanne Holvenstot and Maryann Zjala, who briefly introduced themselves.  Mary Horn received the 2014 Bernie Connolly Volunteer Award.  Having served as executive board member, co-Chair, as well as organizing major events, Mary has been an outstanding volunteer.

Forecast of Future Events

1.     Pie Party, Sat. Jan. 4, 2015.        Katherine Vinehout has been invited to speak.  (Yet to be confirmed.)

2.     Informational Program ‘Protecting the waters of Door County’.  Dean Hoegger spoke of the need for this to be a nonpolitical issue.

3.     Joint meeting with Kewaunee County in February for a combined debriefing of the midterm elections.

4.     Spring election efforts

Bill Perloff moved the meeting be adjourned; Rod Bohn seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:06.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Holvenstot

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