Minutes for 12/11/14


Present: Garrett Cohn, Rod Bohn, Mary Horn, Ron Maclean, Naomi Rowley

Absent: Sam Carmen, John Franz, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Wayne Kudick, Bill Perloff

Guests: Charlotte Baierl, Cal Holvenstot, Megan Lundahl, Sondra Mielke, Caitlin Oleson

Chair called meeting to order at 6:08 PM

Sondra Mielke (Wisconsin Progress): Recruitment of Candidates for Local Office

Goal: Recruit, train and run candidates for local office who support progressive values on labor, social justice, choice, environment, women’s issues, education, gender issues, etc.  Hopefully, after serving locally, some candidates will run for positions at the state level.  See Sondra’s discussion summary in second attachment.

Motion: (Rod/Ron) approve Minutes Nov. 13 meeting; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Garrett provide update from John; balance $460.00; all bills paid including rent thru Dec. 15.

Nominating Committee Update: Garrett provided update from Bill. While the slate is not finalized, it presently includes the following individuals: Chair: Garrett Cohn, Vice-Chair: Naomi Rowley; Secretary ?; Treasurer: John Franz; Board Members Continuing: Ron Bohn Sam Carmen, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Ron Maclean, Bill Perloff. New Board Members: Cal Holvenstot, Tammy Sternard; Maryann Zjala. (Mary Horn and Wayne Kudick chose not to continue on the Board; we’re grateful for their service to DPDC.)

Bill will email final slate before election at Membership Meeting, Dec. 18. Nominations may be made from the floor; members must be present to vote.

Pie Party: Jan. 24; Garrett pursuing Kathleen Vinehaut as speaker; if not available, Schulz & Cullen might be a possibility.

Office: strategy for completing office packing for storage; DPW offers to pay half the rent; possibility of staying at present location after renovation completed; while office in storage, calls will go to Bill;

Motion: (Mary/Ron) adjournment 7:52 PM, unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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