Minutes for 11/13/14


Present: Garrett Cohn, Bill Perloff, Rod Bohn, John Franz, John Harris, Mary Horn, Wayne Kudick, Ron Maclean (arrived 7:30 due to emergency room visit), Naomi Rowley

Absent: Sam Carmen, Dean Hoegger

Chair called meeting to order 6:10 PM; Chair declared quorum present

Motion: (John H./ Rod) approve minutes Oct. 9 meeting; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: John F., Current balance $370.71; discussion regarding anticipated expenditures and revenues before end of year. Hopefully membership renewals will keep the balance positive.

Financial Report: Bill, see emailed report

Membership: Bill, 145.

Allin resigned from Board; Wayne welcomed back to Board

DoorDems Office: must vacate present office Dec. 31 for renovation by owner

Discussion: storage—(1) Garrett to pursue with owner possibility of basement storage during renovation; (2) Garrett to email membership regarding potential suggestions for short term and/or long term storage as well as affordable office rental space.

DoorDems will retain P.O. Box and phone voice mail.

Barbara Luhring Suggestions: (emailed prior to meeting) brief discussion regarding past effectiveness and appropriateness for future.

Wayne’s Suggestions: (emailed prior to meeting) to be considered in future

Ron’s Suggestions: (email received after meeting due to emergency room trip) to be considered in future.

Election: discussion regarding messaging, need to review strategies utilized for this election as well as develop guidelines for 2016. Future ideas: (1) have occasional northern Door meetings (Sister Bay) as well as southern Door meetings, (2) potential cooperation with Kewaunee County

Facebook: John H., success, major growth

Mail Chimp Update: Ron, database established; great capabilities

Thursday, Nov. 20: General Membership Meeting: Sondra Milkie from Wisconsin Progress, guest speaker. Topic: local elections. Garrett to ask her also to provide a statewide perspective regarding recent election, etc.

Motion: (Rod/Ron) adjournment 7:50 PM; unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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