Minutes for 10/09/14


Present: Garrett Cohn, Bill Perloff, Rod Bohn, John Harris, Mary Horn, Ron Maclean, Naomi Rowley

Absent: Sam Carmen, John Franz, Dean Hoegger

Chair called meeting to order 6:07 PM; Chair declared quorum was present.

Motion: (Rod/Ron) approve minutes Sept. 11 meeting; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: John F. absent; no official report. Bill estimated approximately

$750.00 on hand as of Oct. 1.


  1. Phoning—Bill will continue to generate names and appropriate calling scripts; currently volunteers calling for Burke using list of 600 women; additional lists will continue to be generated.

Email Follow-up to those not reached by phone. (Who will initiate this project?)

Garrett to contact Allin to be certain office volunteers are aware they are to be phoning for Burke

  1. Signs—Garrett to Oshkosh Friday (Oct. 10) to pick up 50 Burke signs DPDC purchased; possibility distributor will give us extra signs at no extra cost.
  1. Paid Advertising Proposal–Bill

$150.00 per add Pulse Picks, 3 ads $450.00

$285.00 per ¼ page Pulse, 3 ads $855.00

Advocate (pricing similar to Pulse) 3 ads approximately $855.00

Approximate total is $2160.00; Board members present pledged around $700.00

Motion: (Ron/John H.); to initiate advertising proposal outlined by Bill; accept Bill’s offer to loan DPDC funds to cover first week of ads; Bill to be reimbursed from approximately $700.00 in pledges from Board members raised at meeting; Garrett will ask Allin to head fund raising drive to raise remainder of the amount, approximately $1400.00. Garrett will contact Board members not present at meeting to consider contributions. Motion carried unanimously.

Ad Content—discussion; issues affecting Door County as local control, school funding.

Garrett and Bill to finalize.

Data Entry Update—John H.; current with data entry for Joe Majeski

Social Media Update—Ron; facebook network; spreading and reaching out successfully

UWGB Youth Contacts—John H.; no responses to efforts thus far

Mail Chimp Program—still in progress

Volunteer Arrival—Sarah Livingston stopped by meeting; interest in helping with campaign; lives in Sturgeon Bay; has helped on previous campaigns; works at UWGB; available weekends; Naomi to forward her contact information to Allin who schedules volunteers.

DPDC Office Rental Site 2015-2016—discussion; Allin can store office equipment/materials for 3 months (Jan., Feb., March) when we need vacate present office for renovation. Many county Party offices do not rent space continually but only at election time. If DPDC follows this model, John H. suggested space be acquired beginning April 2016. Garrett indicated no final decision will be made until Thanksgiving when landlord will need to know our intentions.

Thursday, Oct. 23 Membership Meeting—Bill suggested a campaign rally for candidates at Engine Room with arrangements at site to view the Majeski/Kitchens debate; Joe to come to rally following debate. Garrett and Bill will pursue arrangements

Motion: (Mary/Bill) adjournment 8:12 PM; unanimously approved.

Respectively submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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