Minutes for 9/11/2014 Bd Meeting


Present: Garrett Cohn, Rod Bohn, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Mary Horn, Ron Maclean, Naomi Rowley

Absent: Sam Carmen, John Franz, Bill Perloff

Chair called meeting to order 6:09 PM; Chair declared a quorum was present.

Motion: (Rod/John H.) approve minutes of August 14 meeting; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Garrett on behalf of John F. (Following is more detailed update received after meeting. Current balance $730.53. Monthly expenses $268.56 include rent, internet. Anticipate another bill for Notes From Chair; last one received in March.)

Membership: Garrett on behalf of Bill. 152.


Data Entry Update—John H. working on data entry at home for the Majeski campaign and recording many positive responses from Joe’s contacts. Two or three more will be doing data entry soon.

Social Media Update–(1) Ron: adjustments to initial efforts with DoorDems facebook page yielding positive results. More hits to Door Dems facebook page than website. (2) John H.: Bill to send out letter encouraging friends to share DoorDems facebook page.  (3) Questions: {1} Current status of DoorDems project with Barbara Luhring? {2} How to involve more young people? John H. to make contact with UWGB Young Dems.

Signs & Bumper Stickers—available in office.


Mail Chimp Program—Ron, Garrett, Bill, John H.

Yard Sign Production—Woodwalk 9/13 at 10:00 AM

Office Staff Update: (1) Andrew is Majeski’s new staff assistant. (2) DeBroux to have an additional assistant from state for a total of two.

Motion: (John H./Dean) approve distribution of newsletter via website as well as mailing lists. Carried unanimously.

Garrett reported Allin has requested to return to board after election; Garrett consented.

Motion: (Rod/John H.) adjournment 7:45 PM; carried unanimously.

Respectively submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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