Minutes for 8/14/14


Present: Garrett Cohn, William Perloff, Rod Bohn, Sam Carmen, John Franz, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Ron Maclean, Naomi Rowley

Absent: Mary Horn

Chair called meeting to order 5:05 PM; Chair declared a quorum was present

Motion: (Bill/Ron) approve minutes of July 24 meeting; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: John–none this month

Financial Report: Bill—none this month

Membership: Bill—152

Newsletter—discussion of expansion of coverage to those not currently members; potential tool to get them to join. Dean shared success of similar strategy by Clean

Water Action Council. Garrett announced he and Bill will make appropriate changes to newsletter coverage.

Board Vacancies—2 to fill, ideally northern Door and Sturgeon Bay; however,

potential option to adjust to At-Large depending on circumstances. Recruitment strategy: (1) article in newsletter; (2) post notice at DoorDems office

Social Media Follow-up—Membership meeting program Aug. 28 led by Dennis, John and Ron—facebook training; bring smart phones, lap tops, etc.

DoorDems Office During Campaign Season:

Lawyer’s office across the hall available as second location during selected hours; Garrett to contact Allin for suggestions from previous years regarding procedure; Bill can print volunteer list from 2012. Volunteer recruitment strategy to be developed.

Announcement: Tammy Baldwin Meet and Greet; Fire Station, Tue., August 19, 5:30-7:00

Campaign Materials and Costs: (signs, buttons, etc.)—see agenda for this meeting for details

Motion: (Bill/Rod) adjournment at 6:35 PM; carried unanimously

Respectively submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem





























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