Minutes for 5/08/2014


PRESENT: Garrett Cohn, Bill Perloff, Rod Bohn, John Franz, John Harris, Mary Horn, Ron Maclean, Naomi Rowley

ABSENT: Sam Carmen, Dean Hoegger  (Note: Valerie Boyarski resigned; Terry Bobbe resigned (?); Wayne Kudick & Allin Walker on leave.)

Chair called meeting to order at 6:18 PM

Chair declared a quorum was present.

Motion: (Bill/John) approve agenda; carried unanimously.

Motion: (Rod/Ron) approve Minutes of March 13 as distributed; carried unanimously.  (Note: no board meeting in April.)

Treasurer’s Report received from John: balance of $1646.00.

Budget Report (DPDC Cash Flow and Variance from Budget-April 2014)—Bill

Distributed by email,  No action by board regarding it.  Recent expenditures include 3 used computers for around $700.00; 4 phones now back;  Discussion of current uncertainty regarding rent allotment from DPW


Current membership 150


Paine Dinner

  • Date is now Wed., June 4
  • Kaye books retail for $28.95; we can purchase for $12.71 and sell for $20.00 with full return permitted
  • No silent auction this year
  • Motion: (Ron/John) Garrett and Naomi to make final arrangements with Door County Fire House regarding the menu & cost. Board will bring bars for dessert.
  • Motion: (Garrett/Ron) approve $250.00 for deposit with Door County Fire House
  • Publicity: immediate email blast by Bill to all DoorDems and other potentially interested individuals as well as newspapers, etc.

Future General Membership Meetings:

  • Garrett will solidify arrangements with Dean DeBroux & Ron Gruett for either May 22, June 26 or July 24. Also finalize arrangements for Mary Burke.
  • Picnic scheduled for Thursday, July 24 at 5:30. Naomi to secure Sawyer Park.

CD 8 Report: 53 attended; primarily the “more mature” group; not young people

Board Vacancies

  • Allin may be returning to Board pending nature of duties with DeBroux campaign
  • Replacements for Valerie discussed.
  • Garrett will clarify with Terry her status.

Media Update—launch first week of June


Motion: (Rod/John) adjournment 8:08 PM; carried unanimously

Respectfully submitted

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem








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