Minutes for 3/13/2014


PRESENT: Garrett Cohn, Rod Bohn, Dean Hoegger, Mary Horn, Naomi Rowley

ABSENT: Terry Bobbe, Sam Carmen, John Franz, John Harris, Ron Maclean, Bill Perloff  (Note: Valerie Boyarski resigned; Wayne Kudick and Allin Walker are on leave.)

Chair called meeting to order at 6:07.

Chair declared 5 members constituted a quorum.

Motion: (Dean/Rod) approve agenda; carried unanimously

Motion: (Rod/Dean) approve Minutes as distributed; carried unanimously

Treasurer unable to be present; phoned in current balance of $2407.00

Membership: no report


Leave-of-Absence Discussion.  Considered a policy of Board but not in bylaws

Motion: (Dean/Mary) to accept the following Leave-of Absence and
Seasonal Leave Policies; carried unanimously


A Leave-of-Absence of a Board member will be accepted upon the Chair receiving a request for leave for a period of time from ?? to ?? or when a certain described action has been finalized. When the stated date has been achieved, a request for reinstatement will be issued upon the person’s request. Official Board communications and other notices will not be shared with a person having a Leave-of-Absence. The individual will not be among members included in a quorum count at Board meetings.


A Board member anticipating an absence of more than one month should notify the Chair of the period of time he/she will be absent.  The minutes and other notices will be emailed to the person’s normal address. The individual may express opinions on any agenda item to the Chair prior to the meeting. The Chair will report these opinions to the Board. The individual will not be in the pool of members for a quorum count at Board meetings.

Motion: (Rod/Dean) accept Allin’s and Wayne’s requests for Leaves-of Absence; carried unanimously.


Motion: (Dean/Mary) accept Valerie’s resignation; carried unanimously
Notice to appear in newsletter regarding Board vacancy for member-at-large seat

Resolutions Discussion

Resolutions suggestions due to Rod by March 25; notice in newsletter
Finalization at March 27 meeting

(Naomi needed to leave meeting at this point; Garrett provided the following material.)


Membership to vote March 27 if they wish to have one this summer

Paine Dinner

May 22,  seeking speaker; location former Ladder House in Sturgeon Bay

Motion: (Mary/Rod) adjournment 7:20 PM; carried unanimously

Respectfully submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem





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