Minutes for 2/13/14


PRESENT: Garrett Cohn, John Franz, Dean Hoegger, Naomi Rowley; Ron Maclean arrived later

ABSENT: Terry Bobbe, Valerie Boyarski, Rod Bohn, Sam Carmen, John Harris, Mary Horn, Wayne Kudick, Bill Perloff, Allin Walker

Chair called meeting to order at 6:08 PM

Chair declared 4 members constituted a quorum out of 7 active members due to leaves-of-absence for Terry Bobbe, Sam Carmen, John Harris, Mary Horn, Wayne Kudick and Allin Walker. Chair reported Valerie Boyarski resigned earlier in the day.

Ron Maclean arrived late increasing active members present to 5.

Motion: (Dean/John) add to New Business leaves of absence; filling board vacancies

Motion: (Ron/Dean) approve minutes as distributed; carried unanimously

Motion: (Dean/Ron) accept treasurer’s report presented by John: $2721.00 less $240.00 (membership dues) to DPW; balance of $2480.00; carried unanimously

Motion; (Dean/Ron) In Bill’s absence, accept approximate current membership estimate from John of 174. Carried unanimously.


Update on lst Assembly District Candidates

  • Motion: (Dean/Ron) to call for Wayne’s resignation since he’ll be campaign manager for candidate Joe Majeski for lst Assembly District primary to avoid a potential conflict of interest with the Board’s requirement to be impartial toward candidates in a primary election.
  • Motion: (John) to table the motion.
  • Garrett requested to ask DPW for advice and best practice regarding impartiality of the board when multiple candidates are in a primary election.

3W Media Report—Garrett

  • Wording changed from Bies to Wisconsin Republicans
  • Ready later in February


New Program Chair

  • due to Wayne’ leave-of-absence Ron to pursue possibility of Dennis Skahen

Draft DPDC Budget 2014-prepared by Bill

  • motion: (Ron/Dean) approve budget draft as presented subject to necessary future   adjustments; carried unanimously

Thomas Paine Dinner

  • potential site change to Ladder House; accommodates 100+
  • potential speaker: Tammy Baldwin


  • potential sites: Sunset, Sawyer, etc.
  • potential speaker: Mary Burke

DPDC Website-Ron

  • discussion regarding expansion of materials on website for limited viewership; constitution, minutes and reports after approved by board

Business Deferred to Next Meeting

  • leaves-of-absence
  • filling board vacancies (Valerie’s resignation)

Motion: (John/Dean) adjournment approximately 8:00 PM; carried unanimously

Respectfully submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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