Minutes for 1/27/14


PRESENT: Rod Bohn, Garrett Cohn, Wayne Kudick, Ron Maclean, Bill Perloff, Naomi Rowley

ABSENT: Terry Bobbe, Valerie Boyarski, Sam Carmen, John Franz, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Mary Horn, Allin Walker

Chair called meeting to order at 6:33 PM

Chair declared 6 members constituted a quorum due to leaves-of absence for Terry Bobbe, Sam Carmen, John Harris, Allin Walker.

Motion: (Ron/Wayne) approve minutes as distributed; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report received from John; balance of $2665.00

Budget Report (DPDC Cash Flow 2013)–Bill

Distributed by email

-Motion: (Ron/Rod) to accept; carried unanimously


-167 paid; several renewals received at Burke event

-(Bill update January 28: 171 paid memberships; last year at this time 135)

8th CD Report—Bill

   –Meeting Jan.25, Green Bay

-County Chairs meeting, March 8 & 9, Wisconsin Rapids

-Leadership Conference, April date TBA, Devils Lake

for those running for office and managing campaigns

-8th CD Convention, April 27, Kewanee County (Rendezvous)

-State Convention, June 6 & 7, Wisconsin Dells (Glacier Canyon Lodge)

-Brown County Dems potential sponsorship of 8th CD Founders Day Event

honoring founders of DPW in 1949, July


-Senate: Dick Skare (75% certain)

-Assembly: Arnie Johnsrud-declared

Joe Majeski seriously considering

Mary Burke Event

   –116 registered

-Ideas for future events: name badges for members, roving microphone for questions,

activities before and after the main event

Membership Meeting Feb. 27

-Program discussion

-Forum with Senate and Assembly candidates as participants

-Skilled moderator essential

-Ideas for state platform resolutions hopefully will emerge during event

-Members to return with written resolutions for March membership meeting when

they will be formalized

Paine Dinner May 22

   –Björklunden reserved



-Date? Speaker?

Motion: (Bill/Rod) adjournment 8:10 PM; carried unanimously

Respectfully submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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