Candidate Burke Speaks to Overflow Crowd

Mary Burke, Democratic candidate for Governor, spoke to a standing room gathering at the Sturgeon Bay Library (lower level) Thursday January 23rd.  Her prepared remarks, covering the economy, jobs, education, health care and more, preceded a lengthy and lively question and answer period.  A most memorable quote was “There are now 80,000 fewer jobs in Wisconsin than when I was Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.”

Mary Burke speaking to a full house

Mary Burke speaking to a full house

[This is a 160 degree panoramic photo; that is,as the picture is recorded, the photographer rotates slowly, causing the peculiar distortion.  Mary Burke is speaking on the far left.  Contrary to the illusion, people on the far right are actually facing in the same direction as those near the speaker]

For more information about Mary Burke’s candidacy go to her campaign website.

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Candidate Burke Speaks to Overflow Crowd — 2 Comments

  1. In the above quote “then” should have been “than” unless of course Ms. Burke actually said “then” in which case then we have a case of a gov candidate who is lazy with the English language. Lottsa people do it but it ain’t right.Good luck Dems

    • Thanks for the proofreading. The error you caught was NOT by Ms. Burke, but by the amateur webmaster. I shall correct it. More help like yours will be very much appreciated.

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