Gary Bies to Retire, But Isn’t It Time …

Garey Bies will retire this year, but unfortunately the damage he has done remains.

Isn’t it time for a candidate who….

1)  rejects the job-killing legislation enacted by Walker/Bies and their cohorts?
2)  believes citizens should control their local governments, not fat-cat lobbyists from Madison and out-of state?
3)  believes women shouldn’t have to argue with a pharmacist to get a prescription filled?
4)  has a solution for our state health insurance crisis?
5)  who is looking out for the future of their constituents instead of the future of his own retirement funds?
Isn’t it time for a Democrat to represent Wisconsin’s First District?



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Gary Bies to Retire, But Isn’t It Time … — 1 Comment

  1. That would be part of the reason my brother, Arnie Johnsrud, was approached months ago by several members of the Democratic Party to run for the Assembly Seat of the First District. Both Door and Kewaunee County gave him great support when he ran two years ago, based in large part on his earnestness, his democratic platform, his life/job history in both counties. He lacked the big donors that other candidates have, but he had, and still has, the support of a swath of those democrats and voters that are in the trenches of the work force. If you’re interested in a people’s candidate, visit and like his Facebook page, “Arnie Johnsrud for Assembly” and/or donate to his campaign on ActBlue.

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