Minutes for 11/14/13


PRESENT: Rod Bohn, Valerie Boyarski, Garrett Cohn, John Franz, John Harris, Dean Hoegger, Mary Horn, Ron Maclean, Bill Perloff, Naomi Rowley, Allin Walker

ABSENT:  Terry Bobbe, Sam Carmen, Wayne Kudick

GUEST:  Arnie Johnsrud

Chair called meeting to order at 6:18 PM

Garrett announced Terry requested a leave-of-absence from secretarial duties for personal reasons for around three months.  Naomi appointed to fill in during absence.

Motion: (Rod/Allin) approve minutes as distributed; carried unanimously

Motion to amend: (Bill/Rod) to limit acceptance of minutes to p. 1; carried unanimously

Budget Report (DPDC Cash Flow and Variance from Budget-Oct. 2013)—Bill

Motion: (Dean/Rod) accept Budget Report; carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report by John received; balance of $1519.00.

Arnie Johnsrud introduced. Announced he’ll be candidate to oppose Bies since Veeser not running.

Fund Raising Report for 3W Media—Allin

Update regarding responses from (1) Board, (2) Allin’s letter

Discussion regarding last phase of fund raising and qualifying for 3W discount

Motion: (Allin/John H.) authorize Chair to ask board to make personal loans to Door Dems to meet              discount payment to 3W Media; carried unanimously.

Proposed Organizational Outline of Strategic Plan—Garrett

Motion: (Allin/Rod) table Item D in its entirety for future action; carried unanimously

Motion: (Dean/Allin) accept Items A, B, and C; chair to implement plan

Motion to amend: (Ron/Dean) to add phrase “at his discretion” to end of motion. Both passed unanimously.


A. Candidate Identification and Support (TF)

1.  Partisan Elections: Identify Democratic candidates(s) and organize campaign support


2.  Non-partisan elections: Identify and encourage Democrats to run in local elections,

and organize possible endorsement and campaign support. DPW “Spring Forward”

campaign  Bill

B. Communication Outreach

1.  Existing/Continuing communication tools (separate TF not required):

     a.   “Notes from the Chair” Allin

b.   Monthly newsletter Bill

     c.   Website  Ron

2.  Social Media Project

a.   3W Media program (TF)  Valerie working with Barb

b.   Fund raising campaign (TF) Allin

3.  Local Media Engagement (TF)

4.   Rapid Response Team (TF) to provide a rapid media response to actions by

Governor, Legislature, or individual representatives, or proactive addressing of

impending issues.  Garrett assisted by John H

5.   Identification and cultivation of credible issue advocates for speaking programs and

“quotables” (TF)

C. Useful Organizational Relationships 

              1.   Identify organizations with which we have common interest and positions on specific

       issues and maintain active liaison with them (TF) Wayne and Dean


2.   Community Coordinator program is getting started (TF)

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Naomi Rowley, secretary pro tem

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