Minutes for 10/12/13

Door County Democratic Party Board Meeting Minutes / DRAFT

Draft prepared by Wayne Kudick, 10/12/13.     File/ Minutes.Draft.DCDP.Board.10.10.13

Date: October 10, 2013.   Time: 6:00 PM.    Place: Sturgeon Bay Library, Green Room.

Attendance: Garrett Cohn, Rod Bohn, Valarie Boyarski, Naomi Rowley, Ron McLean, Bill Perloff, Allin Walker,

John Franz, Wayne Kudick.

Quorum: declared by Chairman Cohn.

Opening remarks: Chair expressed his appreciation to all who participated in the Strategic Planning Process.  Wayne Kudick, on behalf of the Chair, will send an email to all participants to that effect.

Agenda / following a call for additions and adjustments:

1.) Announcements:

A. Resolutions for Democratic Platform Committee consideration are due in mid-March, 2014.

Rod Bohn reminds us that preparations for Resolutions should begin by placing this matter the agenda under old business at the November Board meeting.

B.) Appointment to the State Democratic Party’s Administrative Committee. Allin Walker announced that he has been asked and he has agreed to serve on this committee.  He will inform the Board on the specifics of his duties and the committee’s responsibilities at the November Board meeting, under an old business matter for the meeting.

2.) Financial report, discussion and consideration for approval.

Bill Perloff and John Franz reported:

  • • The Financial Statement, as prepared and emailed in advance to all Board members, shows the current balance on hand is $3,194.46.
  • • The year-end cash status balance is anticipated to be $1,400 below budgeted projections.
  • • The short fall represents less individual contributions compared to last year’s collections to date.
  • • Membership revenues are slightly ahead of last year’s pace.
  • • Given last year was an election year general impetus for gifting this year may have subsided in comparison.
  • • In summary, our local budget should be able to handle anticipated expenses based on the current and projected incomes.

Related discussion:

  • • We should anticipate more gifting and membership revenues during 2014’s election year atmosphere.
  • • We can anticipate a big influx of membership revenues at the start of 2014; most expire 12/31/13.
  • • The “Door Democrats T Shirt Sale” has produced a profit over purchase expenses and ten shirts remain in stock representing a potential $180 added profit.

Motion: Rod Bohn moved for approval of the report. Ron McLean seconded the motion. Motion was approved by unanimous vote.

3.) Assembly Democratic Campaign Fund Committee Fundraiser in Kewaunee Honoring the Life and Service of Former State Rep. Lary Swoboda;  our local Party contribution, attendance, car pooling.

Discussion: Date: October 24th, Thursday, 6:00 – 7:30 PM. The event will be held at the Hotel Stebbins, 201 Steele St., Algoma, just over the Door County line.

Garrett hopes to promote a large attendance. A mailing from the State Party to Board members will arrive in the next few days. Legislator leadership hosting this event are Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca, Asst. Assembly Democratic Leader, Sandy Pasch, State Rep. Eric Genrich and Jan Swoboda, wife of the late Larry Swoboda, former State Representative, the honoree for the event. Several Board members reported that they have been contacted over the phone by Representative Genrich to personally contribute to this fundraiser. Individual levels of recommended giving are: $250, $100, $50. There is no precedent from past events to gauge the level of contribution to be provided by our Door County Democratic Party treasury.

Motion: Rod Bohn motioned to donate $250 to the event from our local Party operating budget and have Garrett arrange car pooling and encourage participation via email.  Wayne Kudick seconded the motion. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

4.) Candidate recruitment update. 

Allin Walker made a verbal report that he asked remain confidential and exclusive of notes.  Essentially, no officially announced candidates for the Bies and Lasee positions have been openly confirmed.  Mary Burke has announced for the Governor’s post. Work continues locally by Allen and Garrett with a new potential candidate surfacing to oppose Mr. Bies. No candidate from the last elections for Assembly and Senate has disqualified themselves, to date. The Regional Party recruitment efforts continue but no word on next step meetings have been announced within that process.  

5.) Proposal to implement a Social Media project for the 2014 Campaign, one of many action strategy elements recommended by our recent local Party Strategic Planning Process. 

(See attached:  3 W’s 6/18/13, 8/26/13, 2×10/2/13 PDF proposal documents; “SocMedia3W.10.2.13.B represents project summary and costs)

Proposed Motion: 

A.) The Door County Democratic Party shall begin a funding process to contract with 3W Media for Option Level II of the proposal and to add to the contract the training component.

B.) Further, the project can proceed only if all Board members participate in contributing a self declared amount toward the project and only if a $1,500 threshold of giving is obtained through the Board Members.

C.) Garrett is to enter into the contract with the proviso that if the entire $6,250 for the project is not raised the Door County Democratic Party (DCDP) can terminate the contract, at the DCDP’s discretion, at a level of service purchasable by the amount of funds raised.

D,) Allin Walker is authorized to solicit funds from absent Board Members and to carry out a broad solicitation effort using letter, email and phone contacts with potential contributors from local Party Members, past, potential other contributors.

Discussion: Barb Luhring, from 3W Media of Sister Bay, Wisconsin, has presented an implementation outline to the Strategic Planning Committee and offered a further description to a special meeting for local Board members and Jered Vogeltanz, the State Dem Party Regional Staff along with Peter Sigman on September 25, 2013. A straw vote at that meeting showed unanimous support for the project. Mr. Vogeltanz did not support the plan based on his concerns that he is not familiar with the social media methods proposed for the project and no similar effort has proven to increase voting for Democratic candidates. He had a further concern that raising funds in Door County for the project would negatively affect efforts to raise local campaign and State Democratic Party funds.  Since that meeting Garrett and Allin Walker had dialogue with Melissa Bauldauff, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to gain her perspective on the utility and compatibility of our plans for a Social Media Project with State Party plans. She was not supportive but suggested means to collaborate. As a follow-up to that conversation, Garrett discussed the concerns expressed by Jered and Melissa with Barbara Luhring, the project design representative from 3W Media, the company that will provide the professional services for the project. Barbara indicated she would offer training to Jered and others from the State Party staff on the utility and effectiveness of the social media effort.  However, her opinion is that the project will not work under the supervision of State Party Staff.  She stated that the only way the project will succeed is to provide oversight and liaison of the project from the local Democratic Party, as designed.

Rod Bohn asked that the matter of funding the project be brought into the discussion. In preparation for this concern, Allin Walker provided those in attendance with a draft fund solicitation letter and asked for and was provided feedback from the floor.  As a feasibility test for estimating the ability to raise the suggested $6,250 budget for the project Allin asked, discreetly, for those in attendance to provide a private written dollar commitment. The result was $1,750 from the ten members in attendance.

Final Motion: Based on the above summarized discussion and the partial Board contribution test and after friendly amendments the above cited motion was offered by Bill Perloff, seconded by Rod Bohn and passed unanimously.

6.) Appointing / Volunteering task forces re: first 90 days of the campaign beginning now.


Discussion: Garrett explained that other components of the Strategic Plan remain to be moved into action planning.  He wants committees or task forces formed to develop an implementation plan for not only the remaining Strategic Plan elements but also other campaign related activities.

Motion: Wayne Kudick volunteered to head a committee to develop a report on these matters by the next Board meeting, on November 14th.  Ron McLean seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Door County Democratic Party Board Meeting Minutes / DRAFT

Draft prepared by Wayne Kudick, 10/12/13.     File/ Minutes.Draft.DCDP.Board.10.10.13AMEND

 7.)  BadgerCare, MA waiver proposal update. 


This matter stems from a request, this past summer, by Citizens Action of Wisconsin, (CAW), a 501 (C) (4) advocacy organization based in Milwaukee and serving the entire State of Wisconsin to join in an effort to have Counties receive Federal Medical Assistance Funding to expand BadgerCare to cover people earning at or less than the 133% of the Federal Poverty level standard.  If raised to 133% the State would need to ask the Federal Department of Health Services for a waiver to allow funds to be paid directly to requesting Counties rather than statewide.  This waiver would be a change from the State’s current policy to limit BadgerCare to people at the 100% Poverty Level.  As of August, 20 county supervisors from 20 counties sent a letter to the WI Dept of Health Services asking if the counties could accept the federal funding that the Governor rejected in the current State Budget. They pointed to Cuyahoga County in Ohio because where this has been put in place. The Door County Advocate (July 30, 2013) – “20 Wisconsin Counties Ask State for Medicaid Funds” article raised this matter to the public’s attention.

Rationale for activity on this:

  • • Since the issue is being promoted by a well-energized effort of Citizens Action of Wisconsin across the state we can take advantage of their efforts to raise the matter as a significant flaw in the Republican Administration and our State Legislative representatives.
  • • Bies and Lasee have voted against BadgerCare expansion in lock step with Governor Walker while overlooking a basic need in the community and in our local economy.
  • • The County Administrator, Human Services Administration support this plan to acquire Federal funding at a time when County Governments are very worried about the County’s financial position: desperate for more revenues and lifting of levy limits to fund all mandated programs.
  • • The impoverished and working low-wage constituencies identified in our Strategic Plan are victims of our inadequate and insensitive or unknowing State Legislators.
  • • This matter not only draws attention to a problem….it has a solution; getting a return on our Federal tax dollars investment / basic R.O.I.C. economics.
  • • We have a factually documented situation to use to the Democratic advantage when contacting voters and small businesses and progressive thinking potential voters.

Activity to date:

At the request of the Chair, Rod Bohn and Wayne Kudick reported on this matter which is under consideration at the Door County Board’s Legislative Committee.  After clearing with Garrett, Wayne Kudick requested Susan Kohout to have the Legislative Committee consider the matter in consort with recent Letters to the Editor to that end.  Letters requesting this were published in the Peninsula Pulse and the Door County Advocate and submitted by Wayne Kudick, and Victoria Cernich, as private citizens.  Wayne stated that Susan Kohout, Chair of the Legislative Committee (LC), has been very cooperative in processing this issue through the Committee and she placed the issue on the agenda for their September 11, 2013 meeting for initial consideration.  The matter was deferred to obtain Legal Counsel for the October 10th meeting and pending more information gathering from the Wisconsin Counties Association who is the prime advisor to County Governments.

At the October 10th meeting Susan reported that the WCA had passed a resolution to request that the Governor consider changing the current 100% policy and accept Medicaid Funding at the 133% level in alignment with the general policy of the WCA to have the State secure as much Federal Funding as possible on all programs delivered by Counties. In addition, the LC will send letters to all Wisconsin Congressional Representatives and State Legislators and to all Counties advocating for MA funding at the 133% level. Further, the LC plans to continue due diligence on this matter by educating the entire County Board on the matter prior asking for a formal, supportive resolution supporting this request by the entire County Board.

Susan Kohout reported that attendance by Bill Perloff, Peter Sigman, and Victoria Cernich at the September 11th LC meeting carried a lot of positive influence and the comments offered by Peter and Wayne at the October 9th LC meeting has prompted attention, concern and action by the Legislative Committee.  LTEs have been persuasive. County Administrator, Maureen Murphy, and the Human Services Administrators support this position.  A major contributor to the positive action on the part of the LC is the fact that their Committee, simultaneously, is drafting a letter to the State informing the State that revenue from the State is insufficient to carry out mandated services, including BadgerCare, especially with current “levy limit” restrictions forced by the State.  Federal $$ for BadgerCare expansion is a solution worth $119, 000,000 of improved insurance coverage and “economic revenues” for the Door County and Wisconsin economy.

Future potential actions by the DCDP:

  1. a) Continued LTEs by Kudick, Cernich and possibly Sigman and Perloff) for continuity, as private citizens.
  2. b) Discreet DCDP encouragement to the DCDP membership to provide supportive, private citizen LTEs and to contact Legislators at the County and the State to support a request for Federal funding of BadgerCare at the 133% level through MA funds.
  3. c) Consider that Ms. Kohout recommends keeping the matter a-political, as much as possible….and therefore, wait till either the County Board makes a decision on the formal resolution /or/ if not brought up to the County Board by January then, a formal Public LTEs and other means identifying Rep. Bies, Senator Lasee and Governor Walker as not recognizing the jeopardy the 100% policy causes for not only the uninsured but also our tourist dominant local economy and small businesses that depend on a healthy work force.
  4. d) Integrate this matter and the related  negative and non-representative behaviors and voting records of Lasee, Bies and Walker into campaign positions and voter awareness and solicitation efforts such as Social Media networks.


8.)  “Dark Money and the Future of Political Parties: The Real Problem with Citizens United”, a Marquette University Law School Lecture, October 7, 2013.

Wayne Kudick attended this Lecture. The general synopsis is that Citizens United reflects the irresponsible oversight of the Congress to regulate campaign financing.  The Supreme Court was forced to step in and decided to restrain campaign fundraising but did not address private spending by very wealthy individuals through tax deductible 501 (C) (3), and (4) s and 501 (C) (6) organizations. The reality is that all poliical Parties are benefiting substantially from these out-side-of-Party organizations.  Further, significant elements of our democratic system are controlled by elite, wealthy spenders who use money to control nominations, vindictive primary elections to control or punish incumbents who do not conform to policy and government regulation and spending.  Since the Supreme Court Citizens United decision contributions from corporations are far less than from wealthy individuals. Our very foundational, democratic principles and methods of rule by “the people” is in jeopardy because Parties are ignoring or placating the “Party membership at large” in favor of hidden, small numbers of elite and wealthy contributors and outside spending organizations. What will change this? Options are: rebellion by the Party members and perhaps a major negative tragedy coming out of the narrowly controlled Party systems, such as a defaulted economy. All to be considered by our local DCDP.

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