Thought Control from Your Boss

This isn’t exactly ALEC, but I do want to share a few thoughts about the Koch boys, Citizens’ United and Wisconsin. In case you missed it, the Milwaukee County DA is looking at the possibility of illegal campaign activities at a Milwaukee base corporation, Rite-Hite. The CEO sent employees a letter warning them of potential dire consequences to their employment should the “wrong” candidates get elected. This unfiltered politicking by a corporation directed at its employees was unimaginable and illegal for decades. Then came Citizens’ United.

Koch Industries deployed this new tactic in the 2010 mid-term elections since they were then free to “persuade” employees how to vote, even using coercion. The 10/26 J/S reports the Rite-Hite threats are very similar in nature to one written by Koch Industries CEO sent to 50,000 employees including some at Georgia Pacific here in Wisconsin. One catch, in our state there is a specific statue that prohibits threatening or potential work place consequences if it’s intended to influence political opinion or votes of employees.

If ALEC sponsored puppets are restored to the majorities in the Assembly and Senate here, look for a change in state law to be initiated and more workplace threats and coercion from the Koch boys and their friends. One more reason to vote for Pat Veeser…. If you need one.

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