More ALEC in Wisconsin

Imagine, if you will, what we might see on Fox News or hear on Limbaugh if George Soros, the National Education Association or the AFL-CIO picked up the tab for several members of the Wisconsin legislative delegation headed to the National Democratic Party convention or a national union convention. Hold that thought. John Nichols, associate editor of The Capital Times, reveals an unbelievable story about the legalized bribery occurring for years with ALEC at the center in his column titled “Close the ALEC Loophole,” that appears in the August 26th Wisconsin State Journal.

ALEC has provided and continues to provide “scholarships” that pick up the tab for our legislators’ trip to ALEC meetings where they receive and discuss “model legislation.” These drafts become what gets passed around in the party caucuses, voted upon and signed into law by our governor. Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center For Media in the Public Interest put it this way, “global corporations that want to change Wisconsin laws are bankrolling trips to ALEC meetings where legislators and lobbyists meet and vote on model bills that politicians bring back to Wisconsin and introduce as their own brilliant ideas…”

This week the Government Accountability Board will consider whether legislators should be allowed to accept these so called “scholarships” that make a mockery of the high standards of transparency in government that we value in Wisconsin.

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