I recently heard someone on the news use the phrase Liberal-Ideologue.  It sounded strange.  Look at the definitions:

Ideologue (n); a person who zealously advocates the body of doctrine, belief, or dogma, etc. that guides an individual, a movement, or a large group.

Liberal (n); a person (or group) who is open-minded or tolerant especially free of, or not bound, by traditional or conventional ideas, values, or ideology, etc.

Obviously, the phrase Liberal-Ideologue is an oxymoron.  By definition they are contradictory terms.

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OXYMORON? — 1 Comment

  1. Contradictions and oxymoron’s are what passes for dialogue and truth today. Whether one refers to the various holy books or the original US Constitution, people are defending these nonsensical writings to the death. Good intentions don’t count. The lack of education, THE most important infrastructure problem facing this country, is the major drawback to this country’s future.

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