All Seating is Taken for Potluck Picnic with RUSS

Russ FeingoldRUSS FEINGOLD and DAVE HANSEN will speak to a capacity crowd of Progressives in The Pavilion at Sawyer Park this Saturday, August 29.  According to a Sturgeon Bay city employee, the park department will fill The Pavilion with more tables than it has ever held before.  Attendance will also set a new record for this annual DPDC event.

Ticket sales were halted today.  Reservation holders will fill the building to capacity.  Although we would like to accommodate everyone, Walk-Ins, Standing Room Only, and at-the-door admissions are NOT AVAILABLE.

We urge reservation holders to arrive early to avoid a long line at the door.


Large Crowd Expected August 29 for DPDC Picnic


RUSS FEINGOLD, featured speaker Saturday, August 29th at The Pavilion at Sawyer Park, Sturgeon Bay

NEW ATTENDANCE RECORD: Reservations are arriving at such a brisk rate that we have already set an attendance record with the Picnic still two weeks away.  Don’t put off getting yours until it’s too late.

Your were invited. Did you miss it? Click to read it now Picnic Invitation

Be aware that:

Seating is limited.

Full house is expected. 

Click the Red Button now.

Make Reservation

This is a great picnic:

  • Grilled burgers and hot dogs.
  • Potluck dishes and desserts.
  • Some new friends to meet and old friends to catch up with.
  • Great introduction by Dave Hansen 
  • Russ telling us why Dems and Wisconsin needs him in Washington to replace that current Tea Party type.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are tickets Sold At the DOOR?  Unlikely, we expect a full house on picnic day. Make a reservation in advance.
  • When should we arrive?  Any time after 4:00 pm.  Allow enough time to put your dish on the serving line and then socialize before serving starts at 5:00
  • At what time does Russ Feingold arrive?  His staff has not yet announced his schedule.  Probably we won’t now until picnic day
  • What is the price of admission?  Adult Admission $7.00, Child Admission (3 thru 12) $2.00, PLUS one dish to pass per family
  • What kind of dish should we bring?  For all the details click on the blue button below.
  • Is the Picnic limited to Party Members?  No. The picnic is open to members, Party friends, and Progressives of all stripes.  We will, however, happily accept membership applications during the picnic



Sen. TAMMY BALDWIN Coming to Northern Door August 9th

Save the date!

Please join Kubie Luchterhand in supporting

US Senator Tammy Baldwin

at a summer evening reception in support of her campaign.

Sunday, August 9th
5:00pm to 7:00pm

At the home of Kubie Luchterhand
1540 Old School Road
Ellison Bay, WI

Join our team of sponsors!
Host $1,000
Sponsor $500
Friend $250
Suggested Donation $53

To RSVP or contribute online go to www.TammyBaldwin.com/DoorCounty

Or send contributions to:
Tammy Baldwin for Senate, PO Box 696, Madison, WI 53701

For more information, please contact Ashley at ashley@tammybaldwin.com or call 608.663.6300

Favorite Annual DPDC Potluck Picnic (with Russ Feingold)




Door County Democratic Party invites you to meet and greet Russ Feingold during his first visit to Door County in his campaign to retake his senate seat!

This is our traditional potluck to meet old acquaintances, find new friends, share favorite dishes and listen to Russ as he explains why Democrats and the state of Wisconsin need him back in the Senate!!  As an added bonus State Senator Dave Hansen will introduce Russ!!

Join DPDC members to hear Hansen and Feingold together in Door County!

DATE:         Saturday, August 29th, 2015             TIME:  serving begins at 5:00 pm

Pavilion at Sawyer Park

LOCATION:       The Pavilion At Sawyer Park, Sturgeon Bay, (southwest end of Oregon Street Bridge)



FEATURED SPEAKER:   Russ Feingold  Candidate and Former U. S. Senator

Wis. Sen.Dave Hansen and DPDC Chair Garrett Cohn

Wis. Sen.Dave Hansen and DPDC Chair Garrett Cohn

Introduced by Dave Hansen – current Wisconsin State Senator

ADMISSION:   by ticket only

Adult Admission $7.00, Child Admission (3 thru 12) $2.00.  Seating is limited – capacity attendance expected. Order early to ensure admission.

DPDC provides hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chips,condiments and soft drinks. Picnickers provide one dish to pass per family of either salad, side dish, or desert.

July 23rd – IMPORTANT DPDC MEETING — Martha Laning — State Chair

July General Meeting is a first for DPDC!

martha laningNew Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin , Martha Laning, is coming to share her vision of what is on the horizon for Door County and Wisconsin’s Democrats.

It is important you hear her inclusive leadership plans for:

  • Improved messaging
  • County Party Grant initiatives, and
  • Midterm election reforms.


Date: Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Time:  7:00 pm,

Where:  Sturgeon Bay Library, 107 S. 4th Ave, Jane Green Room, upper level


Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold


DoorDems Picnic with Russ Feingold

Coming Saturday August 29th. Save the Date.

On-line tickets available soon.  Watch for it.



June Monthly Meeting Features Two Speakers

Program: Health Care and 2015 State Convention

Where: Sturgeon Bay Library, Jane Green room, upper level

When: Thursday, June 25, 7:00 pm

This month’s program features two speakers and two disparate topics.

Maryann Zjala, member to DPDC’s Executive Board will give an overview of her 55 years in health industry and how it works now and then.

Mimi Dobbins, Chair of Kewaunee County Democratic Party, will report on DPW State Convention where she was one of 1200 attendees and heard address by featured speakers of our next two monthly meetings.

Russ Feingold martha laningMartha Laning, newly elected chair of Democratic Party of Wisconsin, will introduce herself to our July 23 Monthly Meeting.

Its official, Russ Feingold we be the featured speaker at our annual picnic, Saturday August 29th. Details coming soon.

Mike McCabe Speaks May 28th

BlueJeans vertlFeatured speaker at 6th Annual Thomas Paine “Common Sense” Dinner, McCabe is a much sought-after public speaker to a wide range of audiences including LWV, Rotary, Dems, etc.  Garrett Cohn reports that, at the recent 8th CD Convention, each County Chair spoke highly of McCabe.  His resume includes a farming background and a professional lifetime of experience in politics, journalism, public sector management and nonprofit leadership.  He served as executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a non-partisan watchdog group.  And he is the author of the acclaimed book “Blue Jeans in High Places”.  Reservations are required by May 21.  Send your check for $27.50/person to John Franz, PO Box 618, Sister Bay, WI 54234.  After May 21, $35/person (limited availability).

For complete details of the event click here.

Thursday’s surprise speaker: Penny Bernard Schaber

Penny Bernard Schaber

Penny Bernard Schaber

It’s a pleasant surprise.  

Former Assemblywoman Penny Bernard Schaber will kick off DPDC’s April monthly meeting on the member forum topic “WHY DON’T DEMOCRATS WIN ELECTIONS?”  

She will share insights based on her experience in both winning and losing campaigns.  

Meeting begins 7:00pm Thursday 23 April at Sturgeon Bay Library, upper level, Jane Green Room.  Meeting is open to all friends and members of the Democratic Party of Door County.


Door County Democrats helped elect

President Obama and Senator Tammy Baldwin, BUT . . .

In 2010-2014 elections Door County Democrats lost

  • 3 Governor races
  • 1 Senate race
  • 3 state Assembly races
  • 2 state Senate races
  • 3 Congressional races
public discourse

Democratic Discourse

Republican winners have served our county poorly. We must turn this trend around! To do so, requires we determine WHY we are losing and HOW we can win!

Our April membership meeting will be a Members Forum. Together, we will brainstorm the subject “Why don’t Democrats Win Elections in Door County”.

Come and join the discussion that will form a basis for refining our Strategic Planning in preparation for the 2016 election. Aren’t you tired of the Republican’s record? Your input is crucial.

WHEN: Thursday, April 23, 2015 – 7:00 pm

WHERE: Sturgeon Bay Library, upper level

WHO: Members and Friends of DPDC

Favorite WHY VOTE APRIL 7?

To Help Re-elect Supreme Court Justice Bradley

justice BradleyJustice Ann Walsh Bradley is facing a challenge from a recognized conservative, Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley.  Conservatives now hold a 4-2 majority on the court, with Bradley in the minority. One justice is considered a swing vote.

Bruce Murphy’s March 26 article in Urban Milwaukee makes a very interesting comparison of the candidates and their campaigns. It is worth reading.

Voter turnout for off-year fall elections are typically much lower than presidential elections.  Fall primaries fare even worse.  But turn-out for Spring elections is even lower yet.  Think about it.

Any one vote in April has more impact than one in November.  It could be Your Vote that keeps our Wisconsin Supreme Court from becoming more partisan than ever.  Vote April 7th


Protecting Our Waters

Clean Water Action Council President Dean Hoegger is presenting a talk titled “Protecting the Waters of Door County: It Shouldn’t be Political”.  The program is scheduled for Thursday 26 March, 7:00 pm at Sturgeon Bay Public Library, Jane Green Room, Upper Level.

How Karst WorksHoegger will discuss the current threats to surface and ground water and how partisan politics and powerful lobby interests have caused a failure to protect this valuable resource.

Both the Livestock Siting Law and the Karst bills of 2009 and 2015 will be a focus of the presentation.

Where karst is found

Where karst is found in Wisconsin

Current legislative actions will be discussed and what additional legislation is needed to provide for greater local powers to protect the waters of Door County.

Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization working to protect human health and the environment since1985. Hoegger has served as president since 2009, and director since 2012.

The talk is free and open to the public.  Democratic Party of Door County is the host for this program.

karst |kärstnoun Geology: landscape underlain by limestone that has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes, and other characteristic landforms.

What is Governor Walker Thinking?

Governor Walker in mid thought

Governor Walker in mid thought

He is moving forward with plans to slash funding for the University of Wisconsin System and remains silent on efforts of student loan debt refinancing.

He wants to unconstitutionally target poor people with drug tests and is defying common sense by refusing to accept hundreds of millions of dollars to help people afford health care in Wisconsin.

And while our public schools take hit after hit, he’s opposed to holding the private voucher schools funded with our tax dollars accountable.

All this, and more, just to advance his personal, political ambition. President Walker # 45?

 as  published in Door County Advocate  11 Feb 2015


See how the brother’s use their inherited financial clout to manipulate public opinion, legislation, voting rights, environmental controls, union rights and more, all to the detriment of your life.

DPDC Showing “Koch Brothers Exposed, the movie”

What: One hour documentary by filmmaker Robert Greenwald

Who: includes commentary by US Senator Bernie Sanders, Journalist Adele Stan, Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, Environmentalists Bill McKibben and Van Jones, and others.

Where: Sturgeon Bay Library, Jane Green room, upper level

When: Thursday, February 26th, 7:00 pm

Admission: no charge, no tickets, no reservations

In Rolling Stone Newsletter of April 20, 2012, Julien Brookes wrote this review of the film:

Koch Brothers Exposed, the  movie

Koch Brothers Exposed, the movie

Now the Kochs are the subject of a blistering (but to all appearances factual) documentary by the activist filmmaker Robert Greenwald. Koch Brothers Exposed aims to show how the brothers’ machinations affect the lives of “living, breathing human beings,” as Greenwald put it to me at the film’s New York premiere in late March. “When I learned about the damage the Kochs were doing to our democracy, I wanted to make sure more Americans understood what they’re up to.”

On the evidence of Koch Brothers Exposed, the more relevant question is: What aren’t they up to? The film – scrappy and low-budget, but effective all the same – weaves together a string of shorter videos produced over the past year by Greenwald’s nonprofit Brave New Films, each looking at a separate tentacle of the “Kochtopus,” as lefty wags have dubbed the Kochs’ network. It recounts how the brothers have:

Read more in Rolling Stone …

Try Wikipedia’s inimitable straight forward treatment for further information.

Presented by Democratic Party of Door County for viewing by its members and friends, open to the general public as space permits.